Louis B. Mayer Pictures
Founded1918; 106 years ago (1918)
FounderLouis B. Mayer
DefunctApril 17, 1924; 100 years ago (1924-04-17)
FateMerged with Metro Pictures Corporation and Goldwyn Pictures to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Amazon MGM Studios
Warner Bros.
(through Turner Entertainment Co.)
Public domain
ParentMetro Pictures Corporation

Louis B. Mayer Pictures (or Louis B. Mayer Productions) was an American film production company of the silent era which operated from 1918 until 1924.


Founded by the New England–based theater owner Louis B. Mayer, it functioned as a high-class producer of films for the first-run market. One of the leading Mayer stars was Anita Stewart who was recruited from Vitagraph Studios.[1] The company had a long-running distribution arrangement with First National Pictures. Mayer appointed Irving Thalberg as head of production following his stint at Universal Pictures.

In 1924, the company was part of a series of mergers by Marcus Loew that brought together Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures into a single outfit MGM, which was a central major studio of the classical era. Although the new company was initially known as Metro-Goldwyn, within a year the name Mayer had been added to the title in acknowledgement of his key role in the studio.


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