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Marshal of Italy
Maresciallo d'Italia (Italian)
Army rank flag
Marshal of Italy sleeve rank insignia (1933–45)
Country Kingdom of Italy
Service branch Royal Italian Army
 Regia Aeronautica
Formation4 November 1924
Abolished18 January 1947
Next higher rankFirst Marshal of the Empire
Next lower rankArmy general
Equivalent ranksGrand admiral
Marshal of the Air Force

Marshal of Italy (Italian: Maresciallo d'Italia) was a rank in the Royal Italian Army (Regio Esercito). Originally created in 1924 by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini for the purpose of honoring generals Luigi Cadorna and Armando Diaz, the rank was granted to several other general officers from 1926 to 1943. The rank was the highest in the Italian Army prior to the creation of the rank of First Marshal of the Empire in 1938. The rank of Marshal of Italy was abolished in 1946 with the creation of the Italian Republic. The equivalent Royal Navy (Regia Marina) rank was Grand admiral (Grande Ammiraglio), while the equivalent Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) rank was Marshal of the Air Force (Maresciallo dell'Aria).[1]

The rank was formally abolished on 18 January 1947 by the Provisional Head of State Enrico de Nicola.[2]

List of the Marshals of Italy

Image Name Date of promotion Notes
Luigi Cadorna 4 November 1924 Army, died 1928
Armando Diaz 4 November 1924 Army, died 1928
Paolo Thaon di Revel 4 November 1924[citation needed] Royal Italian Navy
Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta 25 June 1926 Army, died 1931
Pietro Badoglio 25 June 1926 Army. Prime minister after coup deposed Mussolini
Enrico Caviglia 25 June 1926 Army, died 1945
Gaetano Giardino 25 June 1926 Army, died 1935
Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi 25 June 1926 Army, died 1941
Italo Balbo 13 August 1933 Co-leader of 1922 March on Rome. Marshal of the Royal Italian Air Force, died 1940 in friendly fire incident over Tobruk
Emilio De Bono 16 November 1935 Army. Co-leader of 1922 March on Rome
Rodolfo Graziani 9 May 1936 Army, after Italian armistice, National Republican Army
Ugo Cavallero 1 July 1942 Army. Died 1943 possibly suicide.
Ettore Bastico 12 August 1942 Army. Governor-General of Italian Libya. Senior commander of Axis forces in North Africa campaign and promoted to have rank equal to field marshal Rommel
Umberto, Prince of Piedmont 29 October 1942 Army, later King Umberto II
Giovanni Messe 12 May 1943 Army


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