The Minister for Social Exclusion was a ministerial position within the cabinet of the British government. It was first created as a position outside the cabinet by Tony Blair in 1999 and charged with "tackling social exclusion".[1] From May 2006 until June 2007 it was a full cabinet position in order to put such issues at the forefront of the government's agenda. However, since the Premiership of Gordon Brown, it is no longer a position in Government and as such has become redundant.

The last minister was Hilary Armstrong.

List of ministers

Name Took office Left office Length of term Political party Ministry
Barbara Roche[2] 30 May 2002 13 June 2003 1 year and 14 days Labour Blair II
Phil Woolas[3] 10 May 2005 5 May 2006 11 months and 25 days Labour Blair III
Hilary Armstrong[4] 5 May 2006 28 June 2007 1 year, 1 month and 23 days Labour


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