Module:Separated entries serves as a template front-end to mw.text.listToText. It takes any number of positional parameters and pieces them together with |separator=. |conjunction= can be optionally defined if a different separator is desired between the last and second last items. The starting positional parameter can be specified using |start=. Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped. To add deliberate leading and trailing whitespace, use the HTML entity   for a space and 
 for a "newline". Separated entries does not raise any errors by design.

((#invoke:separated entries|main|separator=...))

For more complex cases – such as selecting the parameters to list, or preprocessing them, or omitting the last parameters – ((#invoke:params|list_values)) is available. The following two examples with “ + ” as delimiter and “ ... ” as conjunction produce a similar result:

  1. ((#invoke:separated entries|main|separator= + |conjunction= ... ))
  2. ((#invoke:params|sequential|squeezing|trimming_values|setting|i/l| + | ... |list_values))

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