Mohanpur State
Princely State of British India
Flag of Mohanpur
• 1881
231 km2 (89 sq mi)
• 1881
• Established
• Union with Dominion
of India
10 June 1948
Succeeded by
Baroda State

Mohanpur State (Gujarati: મોહનપુર; Hindi: मोहनपुर) was a small princely state belonging to the Mahi Kantha Agency of the Bombay Presidency during the era of the British Raj.[1] It was centered on Mohanpur town,[2] in present-day Sabarkantha district of Gujarat State, and included 52 villages.


A predecessor state was founded around 1227 by an ancestor of the later kings named Thakore Jaspal, but its history is obscure.[3]

Although small in size, Mohanpur was not one of the small states that were merged with Baroda State under the Attachment Scheme in December 1943.[4]

The last ruler was Vinaysinhji Sartansinhji who was born in 1909 and rose to the throne in 1927. [5] He married and had issue.[6] Thakur Vinaysinhji Sartansinhji signed the instrument of accession to the Dominion of India on 10 June 1948. He died on 9 December 1955.


The rulers of Mohanpur State bore the title Thakur.[6]

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