Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill.jpg
Directed byLawrence Huntington
Written by
Produced byAlexander Galperson
CinematographyErwin Hillier
Edited byRalph Kemplen
Music byAllan Gray
Distributed by
Release date
25 August 1948
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill is a 1948 British drama film directed by Lawrence Huntington and starring Marius Goring, David Farrar, Greta Gynt, Edward Chapman and Raymond Huntley. It is based on the 1911 novel of the same title by Hugh Walpole. Walpole based the novel on his experiences as a teacher at Epsom College, but shifted the school's setting to the Cornish coast.


The comfortable but lonely world of a middle-aged schoolmaster, "Pompo" Perrin, is upset when a new colleague arrives and proves popular with the boys, if impatient with petty school norms. The school, part of an isolated cliffside community in Cornwall, is a minor private one run by a headmaster who is somewhat sadistic and threatening towards his staff. Perrin's frustration deepens as Traill, the younger man, who has seen action in the war and is more worldly and confident, begins a relationship with an attractive school nurse, with whom Perrin has for some time been enamoured. Perrin feels himself increasingly undermined and humiliated at work, and losing his connection to his pupils. He slides into resentment and depression. He develops fantasies of violence against his perceived enemy, leading to a tragic conclusion.[1]



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