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NEODyS[1] (Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site) is an Italian service that provides information on near-Earth objects with a Web-based interface. It is based on a continually and (almost) automatically maintained database of near earth asteroid orbits. This site provides a number of services to the NEO community. The main service is an impact monitoring system (CLOMON2) of all near-Earth asteroids covering a period until the year 2100.[1]


How NEODyS works

NEODyS is based on a Postgresql database running on a Linux system.

The database of orbits is continually and automatically maintained with the most recent Minor Planet Center observations. The orbits are computed with the OrbFit software package provided by the OrbFit Consortium. All of the computational services provided by this site can also be done with this software package.

Future expansion of NEODyS

NEODyS is continually expanding and improving. The following are the next tasks of the project:

Major update

On February 5, 2009 NEODyS went through a major update of the system. A new web-interface is available running the free software PHP. This allows a more flexible and easy to update system. In the same period the system switched to the new version of the Fortran 95 code OrbFit 4.0.

Since 2011 NEODyS is operated and maintained for the European Space Agency by the University of Pisa spin-off SpaceDyS, based in Navacchio near Pisa. SpaceDyS provides data and scientific consultancy to the European Space Agency NEO Coordination Centre based in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.

The NEODyS team

The NEODyS team is composed by Fabrizio Bernardi (SpaceDyS, Italy), Andrea Chessa (SpaceDyS, Italy), Alessio Del Vigna (SpaceDyS, Italy), Linda Dimare (SpaceDyS, Italy), Davide Bracali Cioci (SpaceDyS, Italy), Giovanni F. Gronchi(University of Pisa, Italy), Giacomo Tommei (University of Pisa, Italy) and Giovanni B. Valsecchi (IASF-INAF, Rome, Italy). Pisa, Italy).[3] The NEODyS founder was Andrea Milani (Dep. of mathematics, University of Pisa, Italy), Steve Chesley (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA) and María Eugenia San Saturio Lapeña (E.T.S. de Ingenieros Industriales, University of Valladolid, Spain).

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