NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Championship
PromotionNational Wrestling Alliance
Date established1975
Current champion(s)Kevin Blue
Date wonSeptember 12, 2015
Most reignsAir Paris, Jeremy Lopez, Jimmy Rave, Slim J., Kevin Sullivan and J.C. Dazz (2 reigns)
Longest reignFast Eddie (455 days)
Shortest reignKoonce (1 day)

The NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Championship was a championship in the NWA's Georgia Championship Wrestling promotion. It was strictly for the junior heavyweight wrestlers.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Bob Orton, Jr. 1 April 1975
The title is vacated in April 8, 1980.
Kevin Sullivan 1 June 8, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia Defeated Dutch Mantel in a tournament for the vacant title.
Stan Lane 1 September 3, 1980 Columbus, Georgia [1]
Kevin Sullivan 2 January 1981
Dutch Mantell 1 1981
Record Unrecorded.
Steve Olsonoski 1 1981
Record Unrecorded.
George South 1 1986
The title is inactive.
Air Paris 1 May 13, 1999 Loganville, Georgia Defeats Bart Sawyer in the tournament final for the reactivated title.
Title stripped on October 28, 1999 for failure to defend in 30 days with injury.
Andy Anderson 1 October 28, 1999 Loganville, Georgia Defeats Dusty Dotson for the vacant title.
Air Paris 2 November 4, 1999 Gainesville, Georgia
Title stripped in May 2000.
Onyx 1 May 20, 2000 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Adam Jacobs in a tournament final.
Lazz 1 October 21, 2000 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Onyx and Jeff G. Bailey in a handicap match.
Caprice Coleman 1 December 2, 2000 Cornelia, Georgia
J.C. Dazz 1 March 24, 2001 Cornelia, Georgia
Jimmy Rave 1 April 21, 2001 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Dazz and Caprice Coleman in a 3-way match.
J.C. Dazz 2 September 29, 2001 Cornelia, Georgia
Title held up after a match against A.J. Styles on October 6, 2001 in Cornelia, Georgia.
Jimmy Rave 2 October 19, 2001 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats A.J. Styles, Jason Cross and J.C. Dazz.
Jeremy Lopez 1 November 3, 2001 Cornelia, Georgia
Todd Sexton 1 April 20, 2002 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Lopez and Jimmy Rave in a 3-way match.
Jeremy Lopez 2 May 4, 2002 Cornelia, Georgia
Slim J. 1 October 19, 2002 Cornelia, Georgia
Salvatore Rinauro 1 March 1, 2003 Cornelia, Georgia
Seth Delay 1 July 5, 2003 Cornelia, Georgia
Ray Gordy 1 September 6, 2003 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Altar Boy Luke, Delirious, Matt Sydal, Salvatore Rinauro and Seth Delay in a 5-men one night tournament.
Title stripped on December 6, 2003 for failure to defend the title within 30 days.
Fast Eddie 1 December 27, 2003 Cornelia, Georgia Wins an 8-man gauntlet match defeating Nick Halen, Rinauro, Jay Fury, Ray Gordy, Matt Sydal, Delirious and Seth Delay.
Slim J. 2 March 26, 2005 Cornelia, Georgia Defeats Eddie and Jay Fury in a 3-way match unified with NWA Anarchy Television Title on June 4, 2005 when Jeff Lewis defeats Slim J. in 4-man tournament final to unify Georgia Junior Heavyweight and NWA Wildside Television titles.
Elix Skipper 1 April 2, 2005 Columbus, Georgia
The title is desactivated by the NWA on April 30, 2005.
Koonce 1 October 25, 2014 Griffin, Georgia Defeats Marko in tournament to be recognized by NWA Atlanta.
Fry Daddy 1 October 25, 2014 Griffin, Georgia
Michael Stevens 1 July 25, 2015 Locust Grove, Georgia
Kevin Blue 1 September 12, 2015 Locust Grove, Georgia


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