The National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest in 2009.

The National Institute of Statistics (Romanian: Institutul Național de Statistică, INS) is a Romanian government agency which is responsible for collecting national statistics, in fields such as geography, the economy, demographics and society. The institute is also responsible for conducting Romania's census every ten years, with the latest census being organised in 2022.


The head of the NIS is currently Tudorel Andrei, while the three vice-presidents are:


Romania's first official statistics body was the Central Office for Administrative Statistics (Oficiul Central de Statistică Administrativă), established on July 12, 1859, under the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The organisation, one of the first national statistics organisations in Europe, conducted its first public census between 1859 and 1860.

The Romanian national statistics organisation was known under various names throughout the country's history, as can be seen in the table below:

English name Romanian name Period
Central Office for Administrative Statistics Oficiul Central de Statistică Administrativă 1859-1892
State Directorate for General Statistics Direcția de Statistică Generală a Statului 1892-1925
State Institute for General Statistics Institutul de Statistica Generală a Statului 1925-1936
Central Institute of Statistics Institutul Central de Statistică 1936-1951
Central Directorate of Statistics Direcția Centrală de Statistică 1951-1989
National Commission for Statistics Comisia Națională pentru Statistică 1989-1998
National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies Institutul Național de Statistică și Studii Economice 1998-2001
National Institute of Statistics Institutul Național de Statistică 2001–present

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