Northeastern Pomo
Native toUnited States
RegionNorthern California
  • Northeastern Pomo
Language codes
ISO 639-3pef
The seven Pomoan languages with an indication of their pre-contact distribution within California

Northeastern Pomo, also known as Salt Pomo, is a Pomoan language of Northern California. There are no living fluent speakers. It was spoken along Stony Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River. Northeastern was one of seven mutually unintelligible Pomoan languages spoken in Northern California. Unlike the other six Pomoan languages (going to north to south: Northern Pomo, Central Pomo, Eastern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Kashaya Pomo, Southern Pomo), Northeastern Pomo was not spoken in an area immediately contiguous with any other Pomoan-speaking area. Northeastern Pomo speakers were ringed by speakers of Yuki, Nomlaki, and Patwin; Yuki is unrelated to Pomoan or Nomlaki and Patwin, both of which are within the Wintu language family.


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