Coast Miwok
Native toUnited States
EthnicityCoast Miwok
Extinct1978 with the death of Sarah Ballard[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3csi
ELPCoast Miwok

Coast Miwok was one of the Miwok languages spoken in California, from San Francisco Bay to Bodega Bay.[2] The Marin and Bodega varieties may have been separate languages. All of the population has shifted to English.


According to Catherine A. Callaghan's Bodega Miwok Dictionary, nouns have the following cases, expressed with suffixes: present subjective, possessive, allative, locative, ablative, instrumental, and comitative. Sentences are most commonly subject-verb-object, but Callaghan says that "syntax is relatively free".[3]


The following is the Bodega dialect:

Labial Dental Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Stop plain p ⟨t⟩ ⟨ṭ⟩ k ʔ ⟨'⟩
voiced (b) (d) (ɡ)
Affricate ⟨c⟩
Fricative (f) s ʃ ⟨ṣ⟩ h
Tap (ɾ) ⟨r⟩
Approximant w l j ⟨y⟩

Phonemes in parentheses are introduced from Spanish loan words. Allophones of introduced sounds, /b ɡ/ include /β ɣ/.[3]

Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e o
Open a


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