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One Rockwell Towers
General information
LocationMakati, Philippines
Coordinates14°33′48″N 121°02′18″E / 14.56342°N 121.03839°E / 14.56342; 121.03839
Construction started2007
Roof165 m (541 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count45[1]
Design and construction
DeveloperRockwell Land Corporation (part of Lopez Group)[3]

One Rockwell East Tower is a condominium in Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines. The building will be part of the One Rockwell building complex. It is the smallest in the complex and it stands 165 m (541 ft) tall.


The West Tower is notable for being the tallest in the complex, but the East Tower is notable for its "Z" shaped condo units. The building also appears as if it is three separate buildings. The tower's design was inspired by the shape of the Banaue Rice Terraces. It has a double-height floor-to-ceiling glass panel on one end to make the views more expansive.[4]


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