Papora people
Papora, Wux'uran, Bopalat, Basagar, Babusagar
Papora women dancing for the harvest festival.
Total population
Around 27
Regions with significant populations
Papora, Taiwanese, Mandarin
Related ethnic groups

The Papora (Chinese: 拍瀑拉; pinyin: Bābùlė) are a Taiwanese indigenous people. They lived primarily in the area around Taichung and the Taiwanese western coastal littoral. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Dutch East India Company traded with the Papora and provide records of life among them. Not much is known about the history of the people of Papora, as records were destroyed in a mass genocide committed in 1670 by the Cheng Cheng-gong's forces following widespread resistance by Papora, Babuza, Taokas and Pazeh speaking peoples of the central plain.[1]

Notable people

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