Amir Chand Bombwal, journalist from Peshawar wearing a Peshawari turban

Peshawari turban, also Peshawari patke (Pashto: پېښوري پټکی) or Peshawari lungee, is the traditional turban worn in Peshawar and its surrounding regions.

It is a two-piece headgear. One piece is a dome-shaped hard cap or kulla, generally embroidered with golden thread.[1] The other is called lungi which consists of a long and narrow piece of cotton cloth (not to be confused with a waist cloth wrapped in some regions). It has a fan-shaped turra (crest) and a tail termed shamla.[2]

Subhas Chandra Bose had used a Peshawari turban to disguise himself as a Pashtun in 1941 to flee from the British territory.[3]

During the British rule a similar turban was part of the dress for some government peons.[4]

Gandhara turban gallery from major museums (1st-3rd century CE)

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