Psycho House
First hardcover edition.
AuthorRobert Bloch
CountryUnited States
GenrePsychological Thriller, mystery, suspense
PublisherTor Books
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
813/.54 20
LC ClassPS3503.L718 P75 1990
Preceded byPsycho II 
Followed byPsycho: Sanitarium 

Psycho House (sometimes referred to as Psycho House: Psycho III) is a 1990 novel by American writer Robert Bloch.[1] It is a sequel to the 1959 novel Psycho and the 1982 novel Psycho II.[2]

The novel is not related to the 1986 film Psycho III or the 1990 film Psycho IV: The Beginning.

Plot summary

Ten years after Norman Bates' death, a local entrepreneur has rebuilt the Bates Motel in Fairvale as a tourist attraction. Amy Haines travels to the infamous "Psycho House" to write a book about Bates when mysterious murders begin to occur. Haines faces resistance from the community when she enlists the help of a group to investigate the murders.


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