Ранилуг/Ranilug (Serbian)
Ranillug or Ranillugu (Albanian)
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Ranilug is located in Kosovo
Ranilug is located in Europe
Coordinates: 42°29′31.194″N 21°33′32.4″E / 42.49199833°N 21.559000°E / 42.49199833; 21.559000
DistrictDistrict of Gjilan
Municipality5 January 2010
 • Provisional presidentVladica Aritonović (GIS)
 • Total77.62 km2 (29.97 sq mi)
603 m (1,978 ft)
 • Total5,800
 • Density75/km2 (190/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code+383(0)280

Ranilug (Serbian Cyrillic: Ранилуг) or Ranillug (Albanian definite form: Ranillugu), is a village and municipality located in the Gjilan District of Kosovo. The municipality comprises 12 villages and as of 2015 has a population of 5,800 inhabitants. According to the 2013 Brussels Agreement, it was to become part of the Community of Serb Municipalities, but the agreement was deemed unconstitutional and was never implemented.


Administrative division of Ranilug

Until 2010, Ranilug was part of Kamenica municipality. On 5 January 2010, the constitutive municipal assembly session was held and Ranilug became newly established municipality.[1] Although the new municipality is primarily inhabited by Serbs, this move was not recognized by the Government of Serbia, which does not recognize the Republic of Kosovo, and therefore its administrative changes.[2]

After the 2013 Brussels Agreement between the governments of Kosovo and Serbia, Serbia recognized the municipalities and the Kosovo's governance of the territory, and agreed to create a Community of Serb Municipalities, which were to operate within the Kosovo legal framework.[3] Part of the agreement which pertained to the creation of the Association of Serbian municipalities was deemed unconstitutional by Kosovo’s Constitutional Court and since then the agreement has been blocked.[4]


Aside from the village of Ranilug, the municipality includes the following villages:


According to the 2011 census done by the Government of Kosovo, the municipality of Ranilug has 3,900 inhabitants.[1] However, in 2015 report by OSCE, the population of Ranilug municipality stands at 5,800 inhabitants, including internally displaced persons.[1]

Ethnic groups

The municipality of Ranilug is largely composed of Kosovo Serbs majority (98.5%), with minority Kosovo Albanians (1.4%). Albanians reside in two villages: Veliko Ropotovo (Ropotovë e Madhe) and Donje Korminjane (Korminjani).

The ethnic composition of the municipality including IDPs is as follows:[1]

Ethnic group 2015 est.
Serbs 5,718
Albanians 82
Others -
Total 5,800


The economy of Ranilug is mainly based on small businesses, dairy production and agriculture.[1]

Public services and infrastructure

One municipal health center as well as eight health houses operate in the municipality. In 2011 a new police station was inaugurated, with 22 police officers.[1]

The education system of the municipality consists of one kindergarten, two primary and two secondary schools.[1]

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