Rosaura Lopez Lorenzo (16 March 1932, Pontevedra, Spain – 19 September 2005, Pontevedra, Spain) was a maid of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Dakota apartment between 1976 and 1980.

In 2005 she wrote a book in Spanish reflecting that period: En casa de John Lennon (At John Lennon's House), Hercules Ediciones, ISBN 84-96314-18-9. The book contains photos of John, Yoko and Sean along with some postcards that John and Yoko sent to her, and anecdotes such as:

Rosaura arrived in Queens (New York) in 1962 with her husband Secundino and in 1974, she began working several jobs as a cleaner, one of them at the Dakota building, in the apartment next door to Lennon and Ono, who had previously shown interest in acquiring it for themselves. The owners had a good relationship with their neighbours and, when they decided to move to London, they rented the apartment to John and Yoko on the condition that Rosaura would continue her work there, as they wanted to keep her as an employee when they eventually returned to New York.