Sangha is located in Mali
Location in Mali
Coordinates: 14°27′54″N 3°18′22″W / 14.46500°N 3.30611°W / 14.46500; -3.30611
Country Mali
RegionMopti Region
CercleBandiagara Cercle
 (2009 census)[1]
 • Total32,513
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Sangha (sometimes spelled Sanga) is a rural commune in the Cercle of Bandigara in the Mopti Region of Mali. The commune contains around 44 small villages and in the 2009 census had a population of 32,513. The administrative centre (chef-lieu) is the village of Sangha Ogol Leye, one of a cluster of at least 10 small villages at the top of the Bandiagara Escarpment.

The commune is known as a centre for Dogon traditional religion with many temples and shrines, and as a base for visitors to the local Dogon villages. Toro So is spoken in the village of Sangha.[2] Most of the ethnographic work by Marcel Griaule was carried out among the Dogon of Sangha.


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