Former settlement
Location in California
Coordinates: 34°04′36″N 118°03′48″W / 34.07667°N 118.06333°W / 34.07667; -118.06333Coordinates: 34°04′36″N 118°03′48″W / 34.07667°N 118.06333°W / 34.07667; -118.06333
CountryUnited States
CountyLos Angeles County
Elevation276 ft (84 m)

Savannah (also, Savanna) is a former settlement in Los Angeles County, California.[1] The rail depot of that name was located on the line of the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Gabriel and El Monte, at an elevation of 276 feet (84 m).[1]

Savannah was promoted with considerable dignity in 1887-88 but vanished, nevertheless; the neighborhood of the depot has been absorbed by Rosemead.[1] The name survives in Savanna High School and Savanna School District of Orange County, which seceded from Los Angeles County in 1889.

Savannah was the location of Camp Monte, a Rebel base where State militias trained openly for participation in the Civil War until Federal troops suppressed it by establishing Camp Carleton in 1862.[2][3] Camp Monte is recalled today in "Johnny Rebel," the mascot of Savanna High School and name for a statue of a Civil-War era soldier in the quad.