Der scharfe Maxx
Other namesDer scharfe Maxx
Country of originSwitzerland
Source of milkthermized cows' milk cheese
Aging time6 to 9 months[2]

Der Scharfe Maxx is a Swiss hard cheese from the canton of Thurgau. It is a hard cows' milk cheese with a pungent taste that is made from thermized milk. The literal translation of "Der Scharfe Maxx" means "the sharp Maxx" or "the spicy Maxx". It is classified as a Swiss-type or Alpine cheese.

The cheese is produced in the Studer cheesery in Hatswil (Hefenhofen) in the canton of Thurgau close to the Lake Constance.[1] The cheesery is run by the Studer family in the third generation.[3]

The Scharfe Maxx tastes similar to an Appenzeller, but is creamier and more piquant. Similar to other Appenzeller cheeses, the Scharfe Maxx is made with thermized milk.[3]

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