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Series 30
Nokia 105 with Series 30
Working stateInactive
Source modelClosed source
PlatformsARM, C166 v2, M68k

Nokia Series 30, often shortened as S30, is a software platform and application user interface created by Nokia for its entry level mobile phones, lower than Series 40. S30 phones are not capable of running Java apps. In 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia's mobile phones business and later used S30 in along of Series 30+.

Originally, S30 was supposed to have just one menu key, but a second one was added with the release of the Nokia 1110. All S30 devices do not have a 5-way d-pad, only a 4-way d-pad, except the Nokia 1100 and Nokia 2100 which just have a 2-way d-pad.

List of devices

The following is a list of Series 30 devices released by Nokia:

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