Theban tomb Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache
Burial site of Royal Cache
LocationSheikh Abd el-Qurna, Theban Necropolis
Excavated byAlexander Henry Rhind

The Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache was discovered in 1857 by Alexander Henry Rhind.[1] The tomb is located at the foothills of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, near TT131. It had been sealed with a wall carrying the seal of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The tomb contained bones, bandages and several disturbed mummies. It also contained several wooden labels with inscriptions mentioning several royal women.

The label for Princess Nebetia has an inscription mentioning year 27. This is thought to refer to year 27 of Psusennes I during which the princesses may have been reburied.[2]

Name Title Comments
Nebetia King's daughter Daughter of the King's Son Si-Atum
Tiaa King's Daughter of Menkheperure (Tuthmosis IV) of the House of the Royal Children Daughter of Tuthmosis IV
Tatau (Tawy?) King's Daughter of the House of the King's Children The beginning of the name is damaged.
Py-ihia King's Daughter of Menkheperure (Tuthmosis IV) Two labels refer to this daughter of Tuthmosis IV
Pypuy-Tasherit King's daughter Said to be daughter of Iuy; Three labels; only one of the labels mentions Iuy
Henut-iunu King's daughter Two labels were found.
Ptah-meryt King's daughter
Sat-Hori King's daughter
Neferuamen King's Daughter
Wiay King's Daughter
Amenemopet King's Daughter Probably a daughter of Tuthmosis IV


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