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Theban Necropolis
Aerial view of the Theban Necropolis
Theban Necropolis is located in Egypt
Theban Necropolis
Shown within Egypt
LocationLuxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt
RegionUpper Egypt
Coordinates25°44′N 32°36′E / 25.733°N 32.600°E / 25.733; 32.600
Part ofThebes
Official nameAncient Thebes with its Necropolis
Criteriai, iii, vi
Designated1979 (3rd session)
Reference no.87
RegionArab States
Map of Theban Necropolis

The Theban Necropolis (Arabic: مدينة طيبة الجنائزية, romanizedMadīnat Ṭaybah al-Janāʼizīyah) is a necropolis on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Thebes (Luxor) in Upper Egypt. It was used for ritual burials for much of the Pharaonic period, especially during the New Kingdom.[1]

Mortuary temples

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Royal Necropolis


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