Alternative namesসেমাই
Place of originIndia
Region or stateKolkata, West Bengal
Associated cuisineIndian
Main ingredientsVermicelli, milk, cashew nuts, cardamom, Ghee
VariationsMilk Shemai, Dry Shemai

Shemai (Bengali: সেমাই) is a traditional Indian dessert originating in Kolkata, West Bengal.[1] Shemai is a popular item during both Hindu and Islamic festivals, however it's consumed throughout the year in the larger Bengal region.[2] Shemai is a dessert form of Vermicelli, soaked in sweet milk and often garnished with nuts.[3]


The staple ingredients of shemai are milk, ghee, sugar, roasted vermicelli, and various assortments of nuts and spices.[4][5] Shemai variations include a kheer version, dry fruits, and jodda shemai.[6]


Closeup of Shemai, a traditional dessert in Bengal.

Shemai originated in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.[1][7] Ice Today described shemai as a distant cousin of Sheer khurma, an Afghani dessert.[8] Some recipes used powdered milk and/or condense milk.[9][10]

There has been some questions over the hygiene of factories producing shemai.[11][12] In June 2016, substandard shemai, produced in unauthorized factories, flooded the market in Saidpur, Bangladesh.[13] Next year there was widespread adultered shemai in Chittagong.[14] Sales of packaged shemai fell during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. The prices also rose as many of the factories stopped production due to the pandemic.[15]


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