Parent companyRegency Media
FounderDavid Williams
Frank Falvo
Andrew McGee
GenreAlternative rock, rock, punk rock, folk, pop, electronic, blues
Country of originAustralia
LocationKew, Victoria

Shock Records was an Australian independent record label, branded with the logo Shock or Shock Australia. Founded in 1988, it traded as Shock Records Pty. Ltd, and its publishing arm as Shock Music Publishing Pty. Ltd. Its most prominent sublabel was Permanent Records. After going into receivership in August 2010, company assets were bought by Regency Media Group, and the company was rebranded Shock Entertainment. Regency Media folded in February 2023.


Shock Records was founded in 1988 by David Williams, Frank Falvo, and Andrew McGee.[1] They had all previously worked in music retail or distribution: Williams for a Melbourne distribution company called "Musicland"; Falvo for Exposure Records; and McGee for Greville Records.[citation needed]

The company was at its height in the 1990s, with many hits in the punk, grunge and alternative rock genres, including artists such as The Offspring, TISM, and Ricki-Lee Coulter.[2] The logo sometimes read "Shock Australia".[3] It also operated a number of sublabels, including Permanent Records, to showcase local emerging artists, such as Chance Waters.[4]

In August 2010,[2] the companies registered as Shock Records and Shock Music Publishing (the publishing arm) went bankrupt.[3][5] At that time still headed by Williams,[2] some of the assets of the company were sold[3] to CD duplicator, the Regency Media Group. Its distribution centre was moved to Regency's Sydney warehouse[2][6] and the company was rebranded as Shock Entertainment.[5]

Craig May headed the company from around February 2013 until January 2014, when he relocated to the UK. Mick Tarbuk took the reins for nearly two years, until November 2015, when Luke Girgis was A&R/label director. However Girgis departed after only nine months, in July 2016.[7][8] Sales manager Simon McLaughlin took over his role.[9]

Regency Media entered voluntary administration in February 2023.[10][11]

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