Skid Kids
Directed byDon Chaffey
Written byJack Howells
StarringBarry MacGregor
Release date
February 1953
Running time
65 min.
CountryUnited Kingdom

Skid Kids is a 1953 black and white British film directed by Don Chaffey and starring Barry MacGregor and Anthony Lang.[1] It was produced by the Children's Film Foundation.


The film centres on the Clarke family: Mr Clarke is a taxi driver and “Swanky” Clarke is his teenage son.

A group of young urban teenagers creates a cycle racing club called the Burton Bullets. They create a "speedway track" on local waste ground.

Meanwhile a criminal gang is systematically stealing dozens of cycles in the same area. The police come to check the numerous bikes used by the club.

When Swanky's bike is stolen from outside a shop he gives chase and ends up being kidnapped. The club members try to track him down. Some of the missing bikes are spotted at Joe's and Joe starts throwing bikes in the canal to hide the evidence.

The police help the club and the bike thieves are caught.


The film is made in south-east London around the Ralph Street and Dickens Square area.


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