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Skyhawks was a 17-episode television cartoon series sponsored by Mattel Toys.[1] Each half-hour episode consisted of two adventures. The series originally aired from September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971 on ABC. It was a Pantomime Picture Production and is distributed by CBS Television Distribution.[2]


Skyhawks, Inc. was a family-run air transport and rescue service based at San Marcos Field in Southern California, and headed by widower Mike "Cap" Wilson.[3] Cap Wilson learned how to fly during World War II, during which he achieved the rank of Colonel. Cap's father, famed aviator Pappy Wilson, had been a World War I flying ace. A warm and encouraging father, Cap had 17-year-old fraternal twins named Steve and Carolyn. He also sponsored two foster kids: 14-year-old Baron "Red" Hughes and his 9-year-old sister Cynthia, usually referred to as "Cindy", though she was also nicknamed "Mugs". The Wilson crew also included Cap's girlfriend. Maggie McNally. Joe Conway was the Skyhawks' chief mechanic. The team saved troubled charter planes, rescued helicopter pilots, transported air freight, even ran secret government missions. San Marcos Field was also the home base of the Skyhawks' unscrupulous competitor, Buck Devlin, and his gang of pilots.


A 17-episode television cartoon series sponsored by Mattel Toys, Skyhawks was produced by Ken Snyder at Pantomime Pictures. Each episode consisted of two adventures.[4] The series aired on ABC from September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971.[4]

Topper Toys alleged that this show and its sister series Hot Wheels were merely 30-minute commercial ads for Mattel.[citation needed]

Cast (voices)

The Wilson Crew


There were 17 episodes, comprised two adventures each. At the end of each episode a short extra gave information on piloting and flying.


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