Portrait of Soerjopranoto
Portrait, c. date unknown
Born(1871-01-11)11 January 1871
Died15 October 1959(1959-10-15) (aged 88)
Bandung, Indonesia
Known forFounding and leading the Personeel Fabriek Bond (PFB)

Soerjopranoto (EYD: Suryopranoto; 11 January 1871 – 15 October 1959) was an Indonesian politician and labor leader. He founded and lead the Personeel Fabriek Bond (PFB), a labor union associated with the Sarekat Islam movement, of which he was a member of from 1915 to 1933. He was dubbed "The Strike King" by the Dutch press for his involvement in the labor movement.[1] He was also the elder brother of Ki Hajar Dewantara, a pro-independence activist and nationalist.[2] Following his death, Soerjopranoto was proclaimed a national hero by President Sukarno.[3]

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