South America
Full nameSouth America XV
UnionsSudamérica Rugby
Founded1980; 44 years ago (1980)
RegionSouth America
Coach(es)Argentina Daniel Hourcade
Team kit
First match
Boland Cavaliers 12–42 South America
(12 April 1980)
Largest win
NE Cape 3–72 South America
(17 March 1982)
Largest test win
South Africa 12–21 South America
(3 April 1982)
Largest test defeat
Argentina 78–15 South America
(6 August 2011)

The South American XV (sometimes known as CONSUR XV and formerly as South American Jaguars)[1] is a rugby union team made up from the national rugby sides in the Sudamérica Rugby (formerly CONSUR) rugby federation.

The squad was first formed in 1980 to compete against South African teams, despite the ban imposed on that country in repudiation of apartheid. Over the eight test matches played, seven of them were won by the Springboks and only one was won by the Jaguars. This single victory came at Bloemfontein in 1982.

In 2011, a new South America XV was formed to face the Argentine side before they trip to New Zealand to play the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


First team: the 1980s

The South American side entering the field with Hugo Porta leading the team. They beat South Africa 21–12

The side was formed in 1980 after an invitation from the SARU to the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) to play a series of games there as a way of counteracting its sporting isolation which was due to the country's apartheid policies.[citation needed]

The team that toured was mainly made up of Argentina players and included a few Uruguayan, Chilean, Paraguayan, Brazilian and even Spanish players. The team was named "Sudamérica XV", wearing a white jersey with blue, red and gold stripes. The badge included a puma, a condor, a lapwing and a jaguar, representing Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay respectively. Rodolfo O'Reilly was appointed as coach.[2]

Boys from other countries knew that (South America XV) was a facade, and, although they played some matches in the tour, it were the Pumas who played the tests

— Rodolfo O'Reilly remembering his days as coach of South American Jaguars in an interview with Argentine newspaper La Gazeta.[2]

The Jaguars was a 'shadow' Argentine national team, not officially recognised by the UAR as a stratagem to elude the prohibition of the Argentine government that since the early 1970s forbade any official relationship between any Argentine sport federation and South African and Rhodesian ones, due to the apartheid politics of those countries.[2] This ostracism had started in 1971 when the Argentine government forbade the Pumas to play a match in Rhodesia during the tour in South Africa.[3]

First kit (1980)

In March 1973, the Argentine government and the UAR had a great conflict: the government contested to UAR the permit given to San Isidro Club to visit South Africa, and forced the federal committee of UAR to resign. A new committee was elected on 24 April 1973. In November the government also forbade all visits to South Africa by any Argentine team and any visit of a South African team into Argentina. This ban remained until 1991.[citation needed]

The only victory of South America in a test match came in 1982, when they beat South Africa 21–12, with all points scored by captain Hugo Porta. It also became the first win of an Argentine side over South Africa so all the players on the field were from that country.[2]

In 1984 the Argentine Government forced the UAR to forbid the use of any Argentine emblem by the players. As a result, the body decided not to send any representative to South Africa, declining the invitation. Nevertheless, the players accepted the invitation, being part of the South American Jaguars that toured that year.[4] That tour was the last, with the Jaguars being dissolved.[5][6]


South America playing Uruguay in 2019

In 2011, the side played one match against Argentina, in San Juan as part of their 2011 Rugby World Cup warm-ups.[7] Argentina won 75-15.[citation needed]

The team reassembled in 2013, and played England on 2 June 2013 at Estadio Charrúa in Montevideo as a warm-up match for the English before playing 2 tests against Argentina.[8][9]

The team competed at the 2015 Urucup, with players from the Argentine Pladar Litoral plus three guests from Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela.[10]

In November 2018, South American XV toured Chile and Paraguay to play the respective national teams. In August 2019, the team played Uruguay.[citation needed]

Test results

Summarised list of matches played by the South American side (only considered "tests" are included):

Date Venue City Home team Score Away team Character
26 April 1980 Wanderers Stadium Johannesburg  South Africa 24–9 South America Tour to South Africa
3 May 1980 Kings Park Stadium Durban  South Africa 18–9 South America
18 October 1980 Wanderers Club Montevideo South America 13–22  South Africa Tour to South America
25 October 1980 Prince of Wales Country Club Santiago South America 16–30  South Africa
27 March 1982 Loftus Versfeld Pretoria  South Africa 50–18 South America Tour to South Africa
3 April 1982 Free State Bloemfontein  South Africa 12–21 South America
20 October 1984 Loftus Versfeld Pretoria  South Africa 32–15 South America Tour to South Africa
27 October 1984 Newlands Cape Town  South Africa 22–13 South America
6 August 2011 Bicentenario San Juan  Argentina 78–15 South America VISA Cup
2 June 2013 Estadio Charrúa Montevideo South America 21–41  England Tour to Argentina
31 May 2014 Ateneo Inmaculada Santo Tomé  Argentina 40–0 South America Copa Banco Santa Fe
8 March 2015 Estadio Charrúa Montevideo Uruguay Uruguay B 18–21 South America Urucup [note 1]
11 March 2015 Estadio Charrúa Montevideo Argentina Argentina U-20 29–20 South America Urucup
14 March 2015 Estadio Charrúa Montevideo Uruguay Uruguay U-20 16–43 South America Urucup
10 November 2018 Municipal Stadium La Pintana  Chile 21–38 South America Tour to South America
17 November 2018 Héroes de Curupaytí Asunción  Paraguay 22–73 South America
24 August 2019 Estadio Charrúa Montevideo  Uruguay 24–20 South America Warm-up match [note 2]


  1. ^ It was a friendly competition contested by several South American national teams, organised by Uruguayan Rugby Union.
  2. ^ Served as preparation for the 2019 World Cup.


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