USS Enterprise D bridge replica in Star Trek: The Exhibition.
USS Enterprise D bridge replica in Star Trek: The Exhibition.

Star Trek: The Exhibition is a traveling museum exhibit of Star Trek items and memorabilia. The exhibition includes items used in the films and television series such as props, costumes, set components and full-scale replicas of the Enterprise bridge. Other comprehensive features of the exhibit including a complete time line, showing major events in the Star Trek Universe and how all of the various series and movies relate to one another chronologically, as well as a motion simulator ride.

Originally premiering as a single large exhibition Star Trek: The Tour under management of SEE Touring, financial complications arose when the show was packed up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the venue held onto the exhibits, until it was settled by Plainfield Asset Management acquiring the entire exhibition under undisclosed terms.[1]

The exhibition was split into two separate smaller exhibitions which would display simultaneously in two locations.[2] They both feature a bridge recreation, one version of the exhibit includes the bridge from Star Trek: The Original Series and another replicates the Enterprise bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.



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