List of original audiobooks, gamebooks, parodies, photo comics, and picture books based on Star Trek and its spin-offs, as well as fictional references, manuals, and biographies written from an in-universe perspective, and other tie-in fiction works.

Tie-in fiction works have been published by Simon & Schuster, Titan Books, and by souvenir book publisher Insight Editions. Other publishers include Random House, St. Martin's Press, Running Press, and Cedar Mill.[1][2]

All books published as paperback editions, except where indicated.
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Random House (1975–present)

Penguin Random House and its imprints, such as Ballantine, Bantam, have published tie-in works based on Star Trek since 1975. Random House also distributes titles published by DK and Titan to the U.S., as well as select titles from smaller publishers. Hero Collector, an imprint of Eagle Moss, is also distributed to booksellers by Random House.

For Star Trek novels published by Random House, see List of Star Trek novels § Random House.

Further information: § Hero Collector

Title † Author Date ISBN
What Would Captain Kirk Do? Brandon T. Snider May 17, 2016 978-0-399-53954-1
What Would Captain Picard Do? May 16, 2017 978-0-515-15714-7

Star Fleet manuals (1975–1977)

The Star Fleet manuals were fan-produced, self-published works, later reprinted by Ballantine Books. The self-published editions did not include any uses of the Star Trek name. Joseph's Technical Manual served as the basis for the Star Fleet Universe series of games published by Task Force.

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Fleet Technical Manual Franz Joseph June 1975 0-345-24730-2
Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual Doug Drexler and Anthony Fredrickson October 1977 0-345-27473-3

Star Trek Pop Up (1977)

Four-page children's pop-up books published by Random House Merchandising. The books were printed and assembled in Brazil.

Title †^ Author Date ISBN
Giant in the Universe Kay Wood January 1977 0-394-83556-5
Trillions of Trilligs 0-394-83558-1

Star Trek Fotonovel (1977–78)

Main article: Star Trek (Bantam Books) § Photo comics

Star Trek Fotonovel series is a twelve-volume photo comic adaptation of popular Star Trek episodes. The comics were produced by Mandala Productions for Bantam Books. Each volume includes full-color, photographic stills taken from the film master of each episode with comics-style speech and scene bubbles. Mandala Productions promoted each volume as an "accurate and faithful recreation" of each episode.[3] The series was cancelled due to poor sales.[4]

No. Title Author(s) Date ISBN
1 City on the Edge of Forever Harlan Ellison November 1977 0-553-11345-3
2 Where No Man Has Gone Before Samuel A. Peeples 0-553-11346-1
3 The Trouble With Tribbles David Gerrold December 1977 0-553-11347-X
4 A Taste of Armageddon Robert Hamner and Gene L. Coon January 1978 0-553-11348-8
5 Metamorphosis Gene L. Coon February 1978 0-553-11349-6
6 All Our Yesterdays Jean Lisette Aroeste March 1978 0-553-11350-X
7 The Galileo 7 Oliver Crawford and S. Bar-David May 1978 0-553-12041-7
8 A Piece of the Action David P. Harmon and Gene L. Coon June 1978 0-553-12022-0
9 The Devil in the Dark Gene L. Coon July 1978 0-553-12021-2
10 Day of the Dove Jerome Bixby August 1978 0-553-12017-4
11 The Deadly Years David P. Harmon September 1978 0-553-12028-X
12 Amok Time Theodore Sturgeon October 1978 0-553-12012-3

Official Cooking Manual (1978)

Official Star Trek Cooking Manual (1978) compiled recipes for foods and drinks referenced in episodes of the Original Series. The framing device is the manual, a document from Christine Chapel's personal database, is transmitted into the past, which was then edited for print by Mary Ann Piccard. Published by Bantam Books.

Title Editor Date ISBN
Official Star Trek Cooking Manual Mary Ann Piccard January 1978 0-553-11819-6

Star Trek Maps (1980)

Main article: Star Trek Maps

Star Trek Maps (1980) is a box set of color maps and an instructional booklet demonstrating the stellar cartography and navigation system as seen on episodes of Star Trek live-action and animated series, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Designed by Jeffrey Maynard, with contributions from Rick Sternbach, and Geoffrey Mandel, who would design Star Charts in 2003. Larry Nemecek made uncredited contributions. Nemecek expanded on the design language developed for Star Trek Maps in Star Charts (2003), and Stellar Cartography (2013).

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek Maps (box set) Jeffrey Maynard, et al.[a] August 1980 0-553-01202-9

DK (2013–present)

References published by DK.

Title † Author Date ISBN
Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary ^ Paul Ruditis March 18, 2013 978-1-4654-0337-7
The Star Trek Book June 7, 2016 978-1-4654-5098-2
The Star Trek Book, new ed. August 3, 2021 978-0-7440-3696-1

Little Golden Books (2019–2020)

Children's picture books published as part of the long-running Little Golden Books series.[5] Illustrated by Ethen Beavers.

Title †^ Author(s) Date ISBN
I am Captain Kirk Frank Berrios January 8, 2019 978-1-9848-2973-3
I am Mr. Spock Elizabeth Schaefer 978-1-9848-2975-7
Too Many Tribbles! Frank Berrios July 2, 2019 978-1-9848-4800-0
The Star Trek ABC Book July 7, 2020 978-0-593-12187-0

BenBella (2021–2022)

Books by boutique publisher BenBella Books.

Title †^ Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek Is... (essay collection) Robb Pearlmann September 7, 2021 978-1-63774-019-4
The Star Trek Book of Friendship ^ May 10, 2022[6] 978-1-63774-051-4

Simon & Schuster (1979–present)

Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster's, has published licensed tie-ins and other works for Star Trek since 1979.[1][7] Other Simon & Schuster imprints, including Wanderer, Archway, Simon & Schuster For Boys, and Simon & Schuster Audioworks, also published tie-in fiction works.

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Spaceflight Chronology Stan Goldstein and Fred Goldstein December 1979 0-671-79089-7
Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise Shane Johnson November 1987 0-671-63576-X
The Worlds of the Federation August 1989 0-671-66989-3
Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda November 1991 0-671-70427-3
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
  (Deep Space Nine)
Ira Steven Behr[b] July 1995 0-671-52936-6
Q's Guide to the Continuum Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger September 1998 0-671-01948-1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual Herman Zimmerman, Doug Drexler and Rick Sternbach October 1998 0-671-01563-X
New Worlds, New Civilizations Michael Jan Friedman November 1999 0-671-88103-5
Star Trek Celebrations Maureen McTigue September 2001 0-7434-1773-9
Starship Spotter Adam Lebowitz and Robert Bonchune November 2001 0-7434-3725-X
The Hologram's Handbook
Robert Picardo April 9, 2002 0-7434-3791-8
The Starfleet Survival Guide David Mack September 17, 2002 0-7434-1842-5
Star Charts (atlas) Geoffrey Mandel October 8, 2002 0-7434-3770-5
Ships of the Line[i] Michael Okuda November 7, 2006 1-4165-3243-9
A Very Klingon Khristmas †^ Paul Ruditis October 29, 2013 978-1-4767-4680-7
The Klingon Art of War Keith DeCandido May 6, 2014 978-1-4767-5739-1
Warped[ii] Mike McMahan October 13, 2015 978-1-4767-7905-8
The Wisdom of Captain Picard Chip Carter, ed. November 10, 2020 978-1-5072-1473-2

Film tie-ins for children (1980–1996)

Children's tie-ins based on the film series. Published by various imprints of Simon & Schuster, including Wanderer, Just for Boys, and Archway.

Title ^ Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Pop-Up Book Tor Lukvig and Chuck Murphy February 1980 0-671-95536-5
Star Trek II: Distress Call (gamebook) William Rotsler December 1982 0-671-46389-6
Star Trek III: The Vulcan Treasure (gamebook) William Rotsler and Wendy Barish May 1984 0-671-50138-0
First Contact: The Borg[iii] (picture book) Teresa Reed December 1996 0-689-80897-6
First Contact: Breaking the Barrier (picture book) 0-689-80898-4
First Contact: The Movie Storybook (picture book) Jane B. Mason 0-689-80899-2

Film photo comics (1980–1982)

Photo comic adaptations edited by Richard J. Anibole, and published by Pocket Books. The Motion Picture photo comic contains full-color photographic reproductions of scenes, with comics-style speech and action bubbles. The Wrath of Khan adaptation contains black and white stills, with plain text descriptions.

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Photostory Richard J. Anibole April 1980 0-671-83089-9
The Wrath of Khan Photostory August 1982 0-671-45912-0

Which Way Books (1984–1986)

The Which Way Books gamebook series includes two volumes based on Star Trek. Published by Archway.

No. Title ^ Author(s) Date ISBN
15 Voyage to Adventure Michael J. Dodge May 1984 0-671-62492-X
24 Phaser Fight Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel December 1986 0-671-63248-5

Klingon language instruction

Klingon language instruction written by Marc Okrand.

Title Date ISBN ISBN (cassette) ISBN (digital)
The Klingon Dictionary December 1985 0-671-54349-0
Conversational Klingon October 1992 0-671-79739-5 0-7435-4269-X
Power Klingon October 1993 0-671-87975-8
The Klingon Way May 1996 0-671-53755-5 0-7435-4274-6
Klingon for the Galactic Traveler September 1997 0-671-00995-8

Star Trek Chronology (1993–1996)

Star Trek Chronology (1993) is a chronological reference of events depicted in Star Trek and The Next Generation. The chronology was commissioned by Gene Roddenberry in 1987 with the expectation the result would be "7–10 pages of dates."[8] A new edition was published in 1996.

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek Chronology Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda April 1993 0-671-79611-9
Star Trek Chronology, rev. ed. November 1996 0-671-53610-9

Original audio dramas

Presentations which include an original score and a cast of three or more voices.

Title Author(s) Date ISBN (cassette) ISBN (CD) ISBN (digital)
  (Captain Sulu Adventure)
David Stern February 1994 0-671-86438-6 0-671-88624-X 0-7435-4250-9
  (Captain Sulu Adventure)
J.J. Molloy September 1994 0-671-85331-7 0-671-52286-8 0-7435-4253-3
  (Captain Sulu Adventure)
L.A. Graf April 1995 0-671-52141-1 0-671-52286-8 0-7435-4255-X
Star Trek: Klingon[iv] Hilary Bader August 1996 0-671-57369-1 0-671-57503-1 0-7435-4643-1
Star Trek: Borg[iii] December 1996 0-671-57491-4 0-671-57502-3 0-7435-4256-8
Spock vs. Q
  (Alien Voices, No. 1)
Cecelia Fannon November 1999 0-671-04581-4 0-671-04583-0 0-7435-6683-1
Spock vs. Q: The Sequel
  (Alien Voices, No. 2)
December 2000 0-7435-0702-9 0-7435-0703-7 0-7435-6982-2
No Man's Land
Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson February 22, 2022 978-1-7971-2453-7

Star Trek Cookbook (1999–2022)

The Star Trek Cookbook (1999) was presented as a cookbook co-written by Voyager's chef, Neelix. A new edition which will "reimagine … favorite foods from across Star Trek" is scheduled for 2022.[9]

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
The Star Trek Cookbook Ethan Phillips and William J. Birnes January 1999 0-671-00022-5
The Star Trek Cookbook, new ed. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel July 5, 2022[9] 978-1-9821-8628-9

Hero Collector (2018–2021)

Licensed works published by Hero Collector. Distributed to booksellers by Penguin Random House.

Title † Editor(s) Date ISBN
Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium Glenn Dakin November 3, 2020 978-1-85875-968-5
Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness 978-1-85875-953-1
Star Trek: Voyager – A Celebration (reference) Ben Robinson and Mark Wright November 17, 2020 978-1-85875-614-1
Star Trek: The Original Series – A Celebration (reference) Ben Robinson and Ian Spelling September 21, 2021 978-1-85875-990-6

Shipyards (2018–2022)

Star Trek Shipyards, also known as The Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships, is an illustrated reference series which collects and expands on material originally created for the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.

Title † Contributor(s) Date ISBN
Starfleet Ships, 2151–2293 Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley September 25, 2018 978-1-85875-522-9
Starfleet Ships, 2294 to the Future November 13, 2018 978-1-85875-530-4
The Klingon Fleet Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley, and Matt McAllister June 4, 2019 978-1-85875-539-7
Federation Members Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley November 19, 2019 978-1-85875-576-2
The Borg and Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim Ian Chaddock, Marcus Riley, and Mark Wright March 30, 2021 978-1-85875-956-2
The Delta Quadrant: Ledosian to Zahl June 8, 2021 978-1-85875-973-9
Alpha Quadrant and Major Species: Acamarian to Ktarian Ben Robinson March 15, 2022 978-1-85875-992-0
Alpha Quadrant and Major Species: Lysian to Romulan May 17, 2022 978-1-80126-051-0

Designing Starships (2018–19)

Star Trek Designing Starships is an illustrated reference series offering a mixture of non-fiction and in-universe material concerning the design and function of the featured starships.

Vol. Title Editors(s) Date ISBN
1 The Enterprises and Beyond Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley October 16, 2018 978-1-85875-527-4
2 The U.S.S. Voyager and Beyond January 8, 2019 978-1-85875-532-8
3 The Kelvin Timeline Ben Robinson April 30, 2019 978-1-85875-538-0
4 Star Trek: Discovery Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley, and Matt McAllister September 3, 2019 978-1-85875-574-8

Illustrated handbooks (2019–21)

Illustrated references collecting and updating selections from Star Trek Fact Files, as well as new material.[citation needed] Similar to other illustrated reference works, the contents are a mix of in-universe and non-fiction prose. The series is a spin-off of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.

Title Editors(s) Date ISBN
The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and 1701-A Illustrated Handbook Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley, and Simon Hugo October 15, 2019 978-1-85875-578-6
The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook
  (The Next Generation)
Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley July 9, 2019 978-1-85875-540-3
The U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Illustrated Handbook Ben Robinson April 28, 2020 978-1-85875-612-7
Deep Space Nine and the U.S.S. Defiant Illustrated Handbook Ben Robinson and Simon Hugo February 9, 2021 978-1-85875-951-7

Other works

Below is an incomplete list of notable tie-in works:

Klingon Hamlet (1996–2000)

Main article: The Klingon Hamlet

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: The Restored Klingon Version (1996) is a Klingon language reference translation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Also known as The Tragedy of Khamlet, Son of the Emperor of Qo'noS. Published as a limited edition by the Klingon Language Institute in 1996. Published as The Klingon Hamlet by Pocket Books in 2000.

Title Author(s) Publisher Date ISBN
Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark Mark Shoulson, ed.[c] Klingon Language Institute March 1996 0-9644345-1-2
The Klingon Hamlet (reprint) Lawrence Schoen, et al.[d] Pocket Books February 2000 0-671-03578-9

Federation: The First 150 Years (2012–13)

Star Trek: Federation: The First 150 Years (2012) is a limited edition fictional reference written by David A. Goodman. Editions from 47North and becker&mayer! included an audio introduction by George Takei, and a custom display case. Titan Books published a reprint in 2013 which included some formatting and text changes.

Title † Author Publisher Date ISBN
Federation: The First 150 Years (limited ed.) David A. Goodman becker&mayer! / 47North December 4, 2012 978-1-61218-417-3
Federation: The First 150 Years (reprint) Titan Books October 8, 2013 978-1-78116-915-5

New Visions (2013–2019)

Star Trek: New Visions is a photo comic series which utilized imagery from episodes of Star Trek to create new stories. The images were stitched together using modern photo editing and special effects software.[10] Each completed frame is original to the comics, and characters, settings, and action, designed to appear seamless, regardless of the image's source. All issues were composed by John Byrne, and published by IDW Publishing.[11][12] Collections were published in trade paperback format from 2014 to 2019. Issues 1 and 2 were assigned an ISBN.

No. Issue Issue Date[12] Collection Date ISBN
1 "The Mirror, Cracked"[e] May 14, 2014 New Visions, Vol. 1 October 21, 2014 978-1-63140-039-1
2 "Time's Echo"[f] August 6, 2014
3 "Cry Vengeance" October 22, 2014 New Visions, Vol. 2 June 30, 2015 978-1-63140-367-5
4 "Made Out of Mudd" December 17, 2014
5 "A Scent of Ghosts" March 4, 2015
6 "Resistance" May 13, 2015 New Visions, Vol. 3 March 8, 2016 978-1-63140-536-5
7 "1971/4860.2" July 8, 2015
8 "The Survival Equation" September 9, 2015
9 "The Hollow Man" November 4, 2015 New Visions, Vol. 4 December 27, 2016 978-1-63140-805-2
10 "Mister Chekov" January 6, 2016
11 "Of Woman Born" May 6, 2016
12 "Swarm" September 21, 2016 New Visions, Vol. 5 September 5, 2017 978-1-68405-088-8
13 "The Hidden Face" December 7, 2016
14 "Sam" February 1, 2017
15 "The Traveler" April 19, 2017 New Visions, Vol. 6 January 30, 2018 978-1-68405-176-2
16 "Time Out of Joint" June 7, 2017
17 "All the Ages Frozen" August 2, 2017
18 "What Pain It Is to Drown" October 11, 2017 New Visions, Vol. 7 August 21, 2018 978-1-68405-280-6
19 "The Hunger" December 20, 2017
20 "Isolation" February 7, 2018
21 "The Enemy of My Enemy" April 11, 2018 New Visions, Vol. 8 February 6, 2019 978-1-68405-377-3
22 "An Unexpected Yesterday" July 4, 2018

Special issues (2013–2016)

Star Trek Annual 2013 is a one-shot photo comic published as an experiment to create a "lost episode" of Star Trek using the photo comic concept.[11] The annual was reprinted as Strange New Worlds, and later collected in New Visions, Vol. 1.

Issue Issue Date[12] Collection Date ISBN
Star Trek Annual 2013[g] December 11, 2013 New Visions, Vol. 1 October 21, 2014 978-1-63140-039-1
More of the Serpent Than the Dove Humble Star Trek Comics Bundle June 29, 2016
The Cage July 13, 2016 New Visions, Vol. 8 February 6, 2019 978-1-68405-377-3

Stellar Cartography (2013)

Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library (2013) is a box set of maps and charts which expand on Star Trek Maps (1980) and Star Charts (2003). Produced and written by Larry Nemecek, with art by Allie Ries, Ian Fullwood, and Geoffrey Mandel. A revised edition, with new material, was published in 2018.

Title Author Publisher Date ISBN
Stellar Cartography (box set) Larry Nemecek becker&mayer! / 47North December 3, 2013 978-1-4778-0597-8
Stellar Cartography, rev. ed. (box set) Epik Ink October 9, 2018 978-0-7603-6381-2

Hachette Book Group (2014–2017)

Works published or distributed by Hachette Book Group.

Title † Author Date ISBN
Fun with Kirk and Spock ^ (parody) Robb Pearlman July 29, 2014 978-1-60433-476-0
Search for Spock[v] ^ (puzzle book) November 7, 2017 978-1-60433-734-1
Body by Starfleet (manual) December 3, 2019 978-0-7624-9577-1

Insight Editions (2016–2020)

Licensed works commissioned by boutique publisher Insight Editions. Hidden Universe Travel Guides is an ongoing series of illustrated in-universe references, edited by Dayton Ward, who also wrote new material.[13] The fighting style created by Dayton Ward for Kirk Fu Manual (2020) is depicted in several episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Title † Author Date ISBN
Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom (picture book) Robb Pearlman July 19, 2016 978-1-60887-736-2
  (Hidden Universe Travel Guide)
Dayton Ward July 29, 2016 978-1-60887-520-7
The Klingon Empire[h][vii]
  (Hidden Universe Travel Guide)
July 11, 2017 978-1-60887-519-1
Kirk Fu Manual (parody guidebook) March 3, 2020 978-1-68383-521-9

Star Trek Cats (2017–18)

Star Trek Cats is a series of picture books which depict the crews of the Enterprise as house cats. Written by Jenny Parks. Published by Chronicle Books.

Title Author Date ISBN
Star Trek Cats Jenny Parks February 28, 2017 978-1-4521-5841-9
Star Trek Cats: The Next Generation March 27, 2018 978-1-4521-6762-6

Star Trek Adventures (2018–2020)

Star Trek Adventures is a tabletop role-playing game based on a variation of the d20 System. Published by Modiphius Entertainment. Variants were available in PDF and ebook formats as early as 2016.

Title † Date ISBN
Star Trek Adventures: The Roleplaying Game (core rulebook) January 2018 978-1-910132-85-2
These Are The Voyages – Mission Compendium, Vol. 1 978-1-910132-86-9
The Command Division (supplemental rulebook) October 2018 978-1-910132-87-6
Beta Quadrant (sourcebook) 978-1-910132-91-3
The Sciences Division (supplemental rulebook) April 2019 978-1-910132-89-0
The Operations Division (supplemental rulebook) May 2019 978-1-910132-88-3
Alpha Quadrant (sourcebook) August 2019 978-1-910132-90-6
Strange New Worlds – Mission Compendium, Vol. 2 November 2019 978-1-912743-46-9
Gamma Quadrant (sourcebook) March 2020 978-1-910132-92-0
Delta Quadrant (sourcebook) 978-1-910132-93-7
The Klingon Empire (core rulebook) October 2020 978-1-910132-95-1

Unlicensed works

Below is an incomplete list of notable unlicensed works:

Best of Trek (1978–1997)

The Best of Trek: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans is a multi-volume collection of essays, articles, and reviews originally published in the fan magazine Trek. A significant number of the collected articles and essays were written with an in-universe perspective. Published by Signet, and later Roc, under the New American Library label. The series was published exclusively for the North American market due to rights issues.

Vol. Date Publisher ISBN
1 April 1978 Signet 0-451-08030-0
2 March 1980 0-451-09131-0
3 January 1981 0-451-09582-0
4 December 1981 0-451-11221-0
5 August 1982 0-451-11751-4
6 September 1983 0-451-12493-6
7 June 1984 0-451-12977-6
8 March 1985 0-451-12977-6
9 September 1985 0-451-13816-3
10 June 1986 0-451-14311-6
11 November 1986 0-451-14576-3
12 August 1987 0-451-14935-1
13 May 1988 0-451-15325-1
14 November 1988 0-451-15614-5
15 Jun 1990 0-451-45015-9
16 March 1991 0-451-45047-7
17 December 1994 Roc 0-451-45438-3
18 February 1996 0-451-45463-4

Best of the Best of Trek (1990–1997)

The Best of the Best of Trek collects selections from the Best of... series. Revised editions were published in 1997. Due to rights issues, variants of different lengths were published for markets outside of North America.

Title Date Publisher ISBN
The Best of the Best of Trek July 1990 Signet 0-451-45017-5
The Best of the Best of Trek II July 1992 0-451-45159-7
The Best of the Best of Trek, Part 1 August 1996 Roc 0-451-45558-4
The Best of the Best of Trek, Part 2 January 1997 0-451-45584-3

The Doctor and the Enterprise (1981)

The Doctor and the Enterprise is an unlicensed novella written by Jean Airey, a columnist for Fantasy Empire and Starlog. The novella is based on characters and settings from Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover. It was first published in the 1981 issue of fanzine R&R.[14] Fanzines Zeta Minor and Enterprise reprinted the novella in various formats from 1982 to 1984. Paperback editions were published by New Media Books in 1985. In 1989, a redacted version of the novella, marketed as a parody, was published professionally by Pioneer Press in which nearly all direct references to Kirk, Spock, and other Star Trek characters were removed.[15]

Title Author Publisher Date ISBN
The Doctor and the Enterprise Jean Airey Pioneer Press November 1989 1-55698-218-6

Star Wreck (1992–1994)

Star Wreck is a series of unlicensed parody novels written by Leah Rewolinski, with illustrations by Harry Trumbore. Published by St. Martin's Press.

No. Title Author Date ISBN
1 The Generation Gap[i] Leah Rewolinski January 1992 0-312-92802-5
2 The Attack of the Jargonites 0-312-92737-1
3 Time Warped October 1992 0-312-92891-2
4 Live Long and Profit April 1993 0-312-92985-4
5 The Undiscovered Nursing Home September 1993 0-312-95122-1
6 Geek Space Nine April 1994 0-312-95223-6
7 Space, the Fido Frontier December 1994 0-312-95362-3

Treks Not Taken (1996–1998)

Treks Not Taken (1996) is a short story collection by Steven R. Boyett presented as "What if … literary greats had written episodes" of The Next Generation. Boyett parodied the style of several popular writers. Originally published as a limited edition by Sneaker Press in 1996. Later reprinted by HarperCollins in 1998.

Title Author Publisher Date ISBN
Treks Not Taken (limited) Steven R. Boyett Sneaker Press August 1996 1-882813-05-7
Treks Not Taken (reprint) HarperCollins August 1998 0-06-095276-8

Unpublished works

Below is an incomplete list of unpublished tie-in fiction works:

Tentative Title Author(s) Publisher Scheduled Ref(s)
Mr. Spock's Guide to Vulcan (fictional reference) Gene Roddenberry, et al.[j] Bantam Books 1980–81 [16][17]
U.S.S. Enterprise Officer's Date Book (guidebook) [7]
Unseen Frontier (fictional reference) Adam Lebowitz and Robert Bonchune Pocket Books 2002–03 [17]


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Similarly named works

  1. ^ Similarly named works:
    • Ship of the Line (1997), a novel by Diane Carey
    • Ships of the Line (2006), a fictional reference by Michael Okuda.
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