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In computing, start is a command of the IBM OS/2,[1] Microsoft Windows[2] and ReactOS[3] command-line interpreter cmd.exe[4] (and some versions of COMMAND.COM) to start programs or batch files or to open files or directories using the default program. start is not available as a standalone program. The underlying Win32 API is ShellExecute.

The command is also one of the basic commands implemented in the Keyboard Monitor (KMON) of the DEC RT-11 operating system.[5] The TOPS-10[6] and TOPS-20[7] operating systems also provide a start command. It is used to start a program in memory at a specified address.

Other environments

Description of the START command of RT-11SJ displayed on a VT100.


Windows, ReactOS

start ["title"] [/D path] [/I] [/B][/MIN][/MAX][WAIT]
 [command/program] [parameters]

"title" Title of the window.

Path Specifies the startup directory.

I Use the original environment given to cmd. exe,

Instead of the current environment.

B Starts the command or program without creating any window.

MIN Starts with a minimized window.

MAX Starts with a maximized window.

WAIT Startsthe command or program and waits for its termination.

command specifies the parameters to be given to the command or program.

C: \Documents and setting \ Administrator >_


Windows, ReactOS

C:\>start notepad file.txt
C:\>start "C:\My Music\My Song.mp3"

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