Stephan Paternot is an IT entrepreneur, known as a co-founder of, the internet's first social network,[1] during the late nineties dot-com bubble. He is currently the CEO of Slated, an online crowdsourcing marketplace for film financing, sales, packaging and development.[2]


In 1994, while a junior at Cornell University, Paternot co-founded the first Internet social network site, The company's IPO made history when it posted the largest first day gain of any IPO with a 606% increase in price.[3] Early in his tenure, Paternot became known in popular media as "the CEO in the plastic pants" after he was filmed in a nightclub saying "Got the girl. Got the money. Now I'm ready to live a disgusting, frivolous life."[3]'s stock price collapsed in 1999 as a result of the dot-com bubble and in 2001 Paternot published A Very Public Offering: A Rebel's Story of Business Success, Excess, and Reckoning which covered his biography and the history of[4]

In 2011, Paternot co-founded Slated, a crowdfunding and development website for film projects.[5]


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