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Structurae is an online database containing pictures and information about structural and civil engineering works, and their associated engineers, architects, and builders.[1][2][3] Its entries are contributed by volunteers and saved in a MySQL database.[citation needed]


Structurae was founded in 1998 by Nicolas Janberg, who had studied civil engineering at Princeton University.[4] In March 2012, Structurae was acquired by Ernst & Sohn [de], a subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,[5] with Janberg joining the company as Structurae's editor-in-chief.[6] At that time, the web site received more than one million pageviews per month, and was available in English, French and German.[4] In 2015, Janberg bought the site back to operate it as a freelancer again.[6][7]

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Buildings in the Structurae database


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