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Broadcast areaAfghanistan
Language(s)Dari and Pashto
OwnerMOBY Group
Sister channelsTOLO TV, Lemar TV, Arman FM and Tolo Music (Web)
LaunchedAugust 2010
Streaming media
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TOLOnews (Dari and Pashto: طلوع‌نیوز) is an Afghan news channel broadcasting from Kabul, Afghanistan. Owned by the Moby Media Group, it was launched in August 2010 as Afghanistan's first twenty-four hour news channel.

TOLOnews is available on terrestrial television across Afghanistan, as well as internationally via satellite. Its news bulletins are also published online, and are available in Dari, Pashto, and English. Its main studio is in Kabul, and its sister channels are TOLO and Lemar.


TOLOnews was launched in August 2010 as a sister channel to TOLO, dedicated solely to local, national, and international news. As of August 2021, its owner is Afghan Australian businessman Saad Mohseni, while Lotfullah Najafizada served as its director of news from 2010 until 2021.[1] For his work on the channel, Najafizada was named a Press Freedom Hero by Reporters Without Borders in 2016.[2]

Following the fall of Kabul on 15 August 2021 and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, TOLOnews received international attention after a Taliban spokesman was interviewed on the channel by a female journalist.[3] Mohseni stated he intended to continue broadcasting TOLOnews, and that he would do so from the Middle East or Europe if the Taliban were to shut down the channel's operations in Afghanistan.[1]

The Taliban has allowed TOLOnews to continue broadcasting, though not without incidents. In August 2021, a TOLOnews cameraman was beaten by five Taliban soldiers while reporting on the fall of Kabul.[1] On 16 March 2022, TOLOnews' studio in Kabul was stormed by fifteen Taliban gunman who arrested three employees, including reporter Bahram Aman, chief of news Khapalwak Safi, and the channel's legal advisor Nafi Khaliq. This was believed to have been in response to a story broadcast by TOLOnews about the Taliban's decision to ban the airing of foreign television shows; the Taliban said such comments offended the "religious sentiments" of the country.[4] All three men were subsequently released.[5]

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