Unicode: Private Use Areas
Definition by character property: General Category=Co[a][b]
Range Plane Block name Number of code points Note
U+E000..U+F8FF BMP (0) Private Use Area 6,400
U+F0000..U+FFFFD[c] PUP (15)[d] Supplementary Private Use Area-A 65,534 UTF-16 encodes these characters using codepoints from the block High Private Use Surrogates (U+DB80..U+DBFF) in the BMP.
U+100000..U+10FFFD[c] PUP (16)[d] Supplementary Private Use Area-B 65,534
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    Code points U+FFFFE, U+FFFFF, U+10FFFE, and U+10FFFF are noncharacters, not private-use characters.
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    Private Use Plane: Unicode has not published identifying names for planes 15 and 16. Chapter 2.8 says The two Private Use Planes (Planes 15 and 16), while the PUA block names used are Supplementary PUA-A and Supplementary PUA-B.