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This new template seems to replace the Politics template. I have made a redirect and added to this template the list of politics-related topics. Since the template is not only anout elections, I added politics to the name of the series. I deleted Representation (empty article) and added an image. Furthermore I added the main political ideologies. This leads to two boxes in the series of each ideology and I am searching for a solution. I wonder what is the purpose of caption in the template. Electionworld 8 July 2005 07:13 (UTC)

Libertarianism was deleted from the list. I re-added it, since it is (treated in Wikipedia) as a separate ideology - Electionworld 8 July 2005 11:40 (UTC)

It is a misleading use to call it simply "political". --Alfrem 8 July 2005 11:46 (UTC)
It is a political ideology and it is more than taht alone, I agree, but it fits in a list of political ideologies. Your remarks goes also for green politics, anarchism, liberalism, conservatism etc. I place (political) between brackets. Pure non-political ideologies should not be included. --Electionworld 8 July 2005 11:50 (UTC)
No, it is not a political ideology at all in its core. And it is a misleading term of people who believe that what smacks of politics must be political. --Alfrem 8 July 2005 12:25 (UTC)
Can you live with he solution of political between brackets. Electionworld 8 July 2005 13:06 (UTC)

Ignore Alfrem. He's disrupting Wikipedia to make a point. See wikipedia:Requests_for_comment/Alfrem and Requests_for_arbitration#User:Alfrem. Hopefully, he'll be banned from making such edits soon, but until then, the best solution is to keep reverting him. We've shown him 12+ sources saying libertarianism is political, and he keeps reverting. Incidentally, he's reverting this statement repeatedly. Dave (talk) July 8, 2005 22:49 (UTC)

Can't get caption to work[edit]

As originally intended, the template was to be used like this:

caption=this is a caption))

Note the lack of the thumb tag. Doing this, however, the text would end up double spacing and looking really weird, so I removed it. Putting captions into the image tag using the standard image captioning looks weird, though. If there were some code we could add around the (currently commented) caption subtemplate to make the text not wrap, things would be perfect. Scott Ritchie 8 July 2005 22:47 (UTC)

You are not the owner of the template[edit]

You created this template but it is really a dubble with the politics template I created a while ago. I suggest to have only one template here (most links in these templates are exactly the same). I suggest not to call it the democracy series (alsdo some non-democracies have elections), but politics or Elections and parties template (I will enact this name). I can agree not to have idologies in, but some of the links you deleted should return. We do not need the article Representation since we can use the article Representative democracy. Electionworld 20:01, 9 July 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Portal and new layout[edit]

I restored the link to the portal, because I really don't see any reason why these sort of links shouldn't be in this infobox. I didn't restore the old layout, but I liked it much more. I will re-edit the edit box tag. Electionworld 07:06, 17 October 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Some changes[edit]

I've just made some changes I want to explain. I think the template was far too big and intrusive. So I've split electoral/voting systems off into a separate template, which you can get to by clicking 'electoral systems'. The 'subseries of politics' part at the bottom also made the template very large. It seems more logical to me to click at the top where it says "This series is part of the Politics series" in order to go up one level and see the subseries, rather than to have all these other series listed on every article. Doing it that way also makes the template a lot less intrusive. Iota 15:51, 3 May 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Redistribution v. Boundary Delimitation[edit]

Redistribution is a regional term central to the United States and the Commonwealth while Boundary Delimitation is more general. I am switching the two on the template to make the template more international in focus. SADADS (talk) 14:01, 10 July 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]