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Semi-protected edit request on 29 June 2017 (talk) 15:11, 29 June 2017 (UTC)[reply]
Not done: it's not clear what changes you want to be made. Please mention the specific changes in a "change X to Y" format. Gulumeemee (talk) 03:58, 30 June 2017 (UTC)[reply]

"Template:WikiProject Footer2" listed at Redirects for discussion


An editor has asked for a discussion to address the redirect Template:WikiProject Footer2. Please participate in the redirect discussion if you wish to do so. Magioladitis (talk) 18:57, 21 August 2019 (UTC)[reply]


Oh my gosh. Thanks for the semi-protected. I had a bunch of questions on how to wikifi the wikifi page, and the semi-edit allowed me to look exactly at the wiki-code. Thanks! (talk) 22:55, 5 September 2019 (UTC)[reply]