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The Face is a modeling-themed reality television series that follows three supermodel coaches as they compete with each other to find 'the face' of major brand. The inaugural series premiered online on February 1, 2013, and officially premiered on television on February 12, 2013, on Oxygen.[2][3][4] The series is now an international franchise, owning its adaptations around the world. Naomi Campbell serves as a supermodel coach and also executive producer and chooses supermodel mentors for the American, British and Australian adaptations.


In each series of The Face three model mentors select a team of models whose assets they believe will allow them to win the competition. Each week, the models participate in an overall challenge. This challenge ignores team division, and whoever wins the challenge does so individually. The next segment involves a campaign or client. The models perform for these clients in a wide variety of shoots, commercials, or runway shows. These campaigns are performed in the teams that were assigned at the beginning of the series. Each mentor supervises the group she chose as they perform. Immediately afterwards, the client for the episode declares which team performed the best. The girls from winning team are granted immunity, and cannot be eliminated.

The mentors from the losing teams must nominate one girl from their team to enter the elimination room. This leaves two of the models from the two losing teams up for elimination. The mentor from the winning/Immune team gets to decide which of the two models will stay and return to her team, and which one will be eliminated. Each girl is given a chance to explain why she should be given a second chance to remain in the competition.

In instances where a mentor loses all of her contestants, the competition goes on between the two remaining teams. The winning team remains immune as usual, but the losing mentor is forced to send two girls into the elimination room as opposed to one, with only one of them returning. In rare cases, a model can also be evicted from the competition without prior warning outside of the elimination room. She could also potentially be eliminated directly by her own mentor. Elimination is problematic, even flawed: since the goal of the mentors is to win against each other, not determine who among the three teams is the very best model, mentors may eliminate the stronger model sent down to elimination, not the weaker one.

The elimination process is repeated each week until the series finale, where there is one final photo shoot and runway show with the final standing models along with their mentors. The final client (usually a beauty care or make-up brand) decides the winner from the remaining pool of contestants (usually one girl per team). The model who wins the competition becomes 'The Face' of the brand, bringing victory for her mentor and team.

International versions

  Franchise with a currently airing season  
  Franchise with an upcoming season
  Franchise that have ended  
  Program is cancelled

Country TV Show Network Host Mentor Winners
Asia Program is cancelled[5][6]
 Australia The Face Australia Fox8 Georges Antoni (1)

Cheyenne Tozzi (1)
Naomi Campbell (1)
Nicole Trunfio (1)

Season 1: Olivia Donaldson
 Netherlands The Face of Holland RTL 5 Sylvie van der Vaart (1)

Frederique van der Wal (1)
Mark Cox (1)
Olcay Gulsen (1)
Philip Riches (1)

Season 1: Chelsey Weimar
 Canada Program is cancelled[5][6]
 France Program is cancelled[5][6]
 Thailand The Face Thailand Channel 3 (1–5)
LINE TV (4–5)

Utt Asda (1)
Khun Chanon(2–4)
Antoine Pinto (5)

Lukkade Metinee (1–4)
Ying Ratha (1)
Ploy Chermarn (1,4)
Bee Namthip (2–4)
Cris Horwang (2–4)
Marsha Vadhanapanich (3)
Sonia Couling (4)
Sririta Jensen (4)
Toni Rakkaen (5)
Maria Poonlertlarp (5)
Gina Virahya (5)
Bank Anusith (5)

Season 1: Sabina Meisinger
Season 2: Ticha Chumma
Season 3: Grace Boonchompaisarn
Season 4: Gina Virahya
Season 5: Candy Tansiri

The Face Men Thailand Channel 3 (1)
PPTV HD 36 (2)
Thairath TV (3)

Sabina Meisinger (1)
Antoine Pinto (2–3)

Lukkade Metinee (1)
Peach Pachara (1)
Moo Asava (1–2)
Sonia Couling (2)
Toni Rakkaen (2)
Akhamsiri Suwanasuk(3)
Jirayu La-ongmanee (3)
Araya Indra (3)
Sabina Meisinger (3)

Season 1: Philip Thinroj
Season 2: Luis Meza
Season 3: Boss Darayon

 United Kingdom The Face Sky Living

Caroline Winberg (1)
Erin O'Connor (1)
Naomi Campbell (1)

Season 1: Emma Holmes
 United States The Face Oxygen Nigel Barker (1–2)

Naomi Campbell (1–2)
Anne Vyalitsyna (2)
Lydia Hearst (2)
Coco Rocha (1)
Karolina Kurkova (1)

Season 1: Devyn Abdullah
Season 2: Tiana Zarlin

 Vietnam The Face Vietnam VTV3 (1–2)
VTV9 (3-)

Vĩnh Thụy (1)
Hữu Vi (2)
Nam Trung (3–4)

Lan Khuê (1–2)
Hồ Ngọc Hà (1)
Phạm Hương (1)
Hoàng Thùy (2)
Minh Tú (2)
Võ Hoàng Yến (3)
Minh Hằng (3)
Thanh Hằng (3)
Vũ Thu Phương (4)
Anh Thư (4)
Kỳ Duyên (4)
Minh Triệu (4)

Season 1: Phí Phương Anh
Season 2: Nguyễn Bạch Tú Hảo
Season 3: Mạc Trung Kiên
Season 4: Huỳnh Thị Tú Anh
Season 5: TBD

The Face Men Vietnam Program is cancelled[7]

Winners over time

Date Winner Age Winning coach Show & Season
August 13, 2023 Huỳnh Thị Tú Anh 21 Anh Thư The Face Vietnam
Season 4
December 7, 2019 Twatchanin "Boss" Darayon 23 Jirayu La-ongmanee The Face Men Thailand
Season 3
June 1, 2019 Candy Tansiri 23 Maria Poonlertlarp The Face Thailand
Season 5
December 30, 2018 Mạc Trung Kiên 21 Thanh Hằng The Face Vietnam
Season 3
December 9, 2018 Luis Meza [th] 23 Sonia Couling The Face Men Thailand
Season 2
May 12, 2018 Virahya "Gina" Pattarachokchai 25 Lukkade Metinee & Cris Horwang The Face Thailand
Season 4
September 30, 2017 Nutthanaphol "Philip" Thinroj [th] 22 Lukkade Metinee The Face Men Thailand
Season 1
August 27, 2017 Nguyễn Bạch Tú Hảo 22 Lan Khuê The Face Vietnam
Season 2
April 29, 2017 Natthaya "Grace" Boonchompaisarn 22 Cris Horwang The Face Thailand
Season 3
September 3, 2016 Phí Phương Anh 19 Hồ Ngọc Hà The Face Vietnam
Season 1
January 9, 2016 Kanticha "Ticha" Chumma [th] 21 Bee Namthip The Face Thailand
Season 2
January 10, 2015 Ajirapha "Sabina" Meisinger [th] 20 Lukkade Metinee The Face Thailand
Season 1
May 7, 2014 Tiana Zarlin 20 Anne V The Face
Season 2
May 6, 2014 Olivia Donaldson 19 Cheyenne Tozzi The Face Australia
Season 1
November 18, 2013 Emma Holmes 17 Naomi Campbell The Face UK
Season 1
March 26, 2013 Devyn Abdullah 21 Karolina Kurkova The Face
Season 1

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