The Terrible People
"The Terrible People" (1928).jpg
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Directed bySpencer Gordon Bennet
Written byGeorge Arthur Gray
Edgar Wallace
StarringAllene Ray
Walter Miller
Distributed byPathé Exchange
Release date
  • August 5, 1928 (1928-08-05)
Running time
10 episodes
CountryUnited States

The Terrible People is a 1928 American adventure silent film serial directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, based on the 1926 novel of the same name by Edgar Wallace.[1] It was released as a 10-chapter serial. The film is now considered to be lost.[2]

Most of the books of Edgar Wallace have been adapted into films many times over the years in both England in the 1930s, and in Germany in the 1960s in a series known as the crimis. The Terrible People was remade as a German crimi film under the same title in 1960.[3]


An heiress is threatened by the gang of a criminal who seems to have returned from the dead.[4] Clay Shelton was executed for his crimes, but it seems he has returned to life to exact revenge on the people responsible for his death.


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