The Villanovan
TypeWeekly student newspaper
FormatBroadsheet: 1138" × 1334"
Owner(s)Villanova University
Editor-in-chiefColin Beazley and Evelyn Melkonian
HeadquartersCorr Hall Basement
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085
WebsiteOfficial Website

The Villanovan is a student-run, American university newspaper that is produced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has been the officially recognized and accredited student newspaper of Villanova University since its founding in 1916.

History and description

This tabloid-style, weekly paper publishes every Thursday during the semester and maintains a circulation of 750 copies which are distributed throughout the Villanova campus and at various locations in the surrounding community. The Villanovan also has a digital circulation website which regularly releases its material. It is staffed by more than 150 undergraduate students. All content of The Villanovan is the responsibility of the editors and the editorial board and does not necessarily represent the views of the administration, faculty and students of Villanova University unless specifically stated. While The Villanovan is owned by Villanova University, Villanova University subscribes to the principle of responsible freedom of expression for the student editors.[1]

2022 Staff

Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief: Colin Beazley and Evelyn Melkonian

Associate Editor in Chief: Christina Aron

Senior Editor: Catherine McCusker

Section Editors

News: Sarah Sweeney and Sarah Wisniewski

Sports: Meghann Morhardt and Matthew Ryan

Opinion: Isabella Irwin and Jacqueline Thomas

Culture: A.J. Fezza, Elena Rouse, and Chloe Miller

Photography: Olivia Pasquale

Copy Desk Chief: Molly Baker

Digital Editor: Rachel Reiniger


Subscriptions are available at a cost of $55 per semester or $100 per year.[1]

Awards (Since 2005)


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