This is a list of newspapers in Pennsylvania.

Daily newspapers

Other newspapers

Defunct newspapers

See also: List of defunct newspapers of the United States § Pennsylvania


Newspapers published in Bristol, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Bustleton, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Carlisle, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania:

Chestnut Hill

Newspapers published in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Doylestown, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Easton, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Germantown, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Lancaster, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Media, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Norristown, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Northumberland, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

American Weekly Mercury, 1719; established by Andrew Bradford[7]
Pennsylvania Ledger: or the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, & New-Jersey Weekly Advertiser, 1775
Pennsylvania Packet; and the General Advertiser, 1771
First issue of Philadelphischer Zeitung.


Newspapers published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Reading, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in Washington, Pennsylvania:


Newspapers published in York, Pennsylvania:

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