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There are about thirty theatres in Florence, Italy (not counting those already closed or dismantled), and range from historic theatres, to national and municipal music halls.

There are four theaters devoted to classical music and opera (Comunale, Verdi, Pergola and Goldoni). Many citizens and tourists regularly visit these theatre halls, with over six hundred thousand tickets sold per season, compared with just under four hundred thousand residents.


Name Founded Seats Notes Image
Roman Theatre 1st century AD 15,000 Under Palazzo Vecchio, destroyed
Roman Amphitheatre 124-130 20,000 Between Piazza dei Peruzzi, Via dei Bentaccordi and Via Tòrta, now included in medieval edifices
Teatro di via dell'Acqua around 1490 ? Teatro della Confraternita (later Accademia) del Vangelista
Teatrino della Baldracca 1576 Today home to the Uffizi Library
Teatro Mediceo 1586 In today's Uffizi, in Classicist style, later dismantled
Amphitheater of Boboli 1637 At Palazzo Pitti, still used today for special events
Teatro Niccolini (Teatro del Cocomero) 1648 c. 500 The first "modern" theatre in the city. Reopened in 2015.
Teatro della Pergola 1656 999 The oldest active theatre and opera house in Florence; first teatro all'italiana
Teatro Alfieri 1740 Demolished in 1928
Teatro Rinuccini 1753 Still used today for special events
Teatro della Piazza vecchia 1759 ? Closed, today is a private palace
Teatro dei Solleciti o Borgognissanti 1778 ? Closed in 1887, today is a church (Chiesa Evangelica Battista)
Teatro degli Intrepidi (o Teatro Nuovo) 1779 Dismantled at the beginning of 1900
Sala del Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini 1784 120
Teatro Nazionale 1789 Closed
Saloncino della Pergola 1804 324
Teatro Goldoni 1817 363 Restored and re-opened in 1997. Used by Opera di Firenze/ Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
Saloncino Castinelli 1817 ? Inside the Teatro Goldoni building, today, a movie theater
Teatro Diurno o Arena Goldoni 1818 1,500 Dismantled
Teatro Standish around 1838 Inside a private palace
Teatro dei Concordi 1839 ? Closed in 1854
Teatro Verdi 1854 1,538 (Old name: Teatro Pagliano)
Teatro Comunale 1862 1,800 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino's base
Teatro Arena Nazionale 1864 It was an open-air arena, today is a (closed) movie theater (Cinema Apollo)
Teatro Umberto I around 1864 Destroyed, it was in the centre of piazza d'Azeglio (square)
Teatro delle Logge around 1865 Inside the Loggia del Grano building, near the Palazzo Vecchio. Since 1910 Italian Folies Bergère, then a movie theater (Cinema Capitol), and then, briefly, a store.
Teatro dell'Affratellamento 1876
Teatro Arena San Salvi 1890 100
Teatro dell'Istituto Francese 1911 99
Teatro di Rifredi 1914 286
Teatro 13 1931 152
Cinema Teatro Nuovo Sentiero around 1933 239
Teatro Puccini 1940 634 Used mainly for comedies and variety shows
Auditorium FLOG 1945 1,000 Used mainly for pop/rock concerts
Teatro Estivo Il Boschetto 1947 300 An open-air arena
Teatro l'Amicizia around 1950 Closed
Teatro dell'Oriuolo 1951 Closed
Teatro Everest 1958 240 In Galluzzo, a suburb of Florence
Teatro Nuovo 1964 170
Sala Vanni 1972 192
Teatro del Rondò di Bacco 1975 96 At Palazzo Pitti, still used today for special events
Sala Teatro Cinema ACLI Ponte a Ema around 1975 120 In Ponte a Ema, a suburb of Florence
Teatro Reims 1976 290
Teatro Saschall 1978 1,700 Used mainly for pop/rock concerts (Old name: Teatro Tenda)
Piccolo Teatro Comunale (Ridotto) 1983 587
Teatro Le Laudi 1983 254
Teatro della Compagnia 1987 500 Closed
Teatro La Fiaba 1991 300
Teatro di Cestello 1993 192 Near the church of San Frediano in Cestello
Stazione Leopolda Fabbrica Europa 1994 It was a railway station. Wide building, used for various purposes (also theater, since 1994)
Teatro della Limonaia di Villa Strozzi 1998 380 It was the old orangery of Villa Strozzi al Boschetto - project by Giuseppe Poggi, middle of 1800. Decayed, it's been restored in 1998 - project by Giovanni Michelucci (1973) revisited by Bruno Sacchi (1987).
Auditorium Clinica Medica 1999 140
Arena Cinecittà Teatro San Quirico 2000 150
Teatro Cantiere Florida 2002 296
Circolo Teatro del Sale 2003 99 Restaurant and theatre
Teatro Auditorium al Duomo 2006 275 Near the Florence Cathedral
Parco della musica e della cultura around 2011 c. 8,000 Under construction. It will be the new Maggio Musicale Fiorentino's base

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