Most of Texas is in the Central Time Zone with the exception being the two westernmost counties.

Northwestern Culberson County near Guadalupe Mountains National Park unofficially observes Mountain Time Zone.[1]

IANA time zone database

The 2 zones for Texas as given by of the IANA time zone database. Columns marked * are from the

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note
US +415100−0873900 America/Chicago Central (most areas) −06:00 −05:00
US +394421−1045903 America/Denver Mountain (most areas) −07:00 −06:00


Historical Texas time zones. Now only the green area follows Mountain Time, the rest follows Central Time.

The "Panhandle and Plains" section of Texas is now in the Central Time Zone, but had a two-year period of being in the Mountain Time Zone between 1919 and 1921.[2]

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  2. ^ A posting to the tzdata-history mailing list provides original documents: In short: A US government decision in March 1918 announced a change in time zone boundaries. The CT/MT boundary was to run through Texas roughly along the meridian 100w, with a bulge to the west around the towns of Sweatwater, Big Springs and San Angelo, starting January 1, 1919 at 2 am. The local Panhandle and Plains chamber of commerce was not happy in 1919 to be in another time zone than the more populated south-east of the state, and they petitioned a change. A US Congress decision of March 4, 1921, became part of the United States Code as section 265 and moved the Panhandle and Plains area back to CT.