Trailers from Hell (branded as Trailers from Hell!) is a web series in which filmmakers discuss and promote individual movies through commenting on their trailers. While the series emphasizes horror, science fiction, fantasy, cult, and exploitation cinema, films from a wide variety of genres have been covered.[1] Trailers from Hell launched as a website in October 2007,[2] as a collaborative project by film director Joe Dante, new media entrepreneur Jonas Hudson, graphic artist Charlie Largent, web developer Tom Edgar, and producer Elizabeth Stanley. It also premiered at SXSW in 2009.[3]


Each trailer features commentary on the art, craft, and history of filmmaking, regarding both the trailer itself and the film it represents.[4] Regular Trailers from Hell commentators, referred to as "gurus" on the series website, include (in addition to Joe Dante) John Landis, Guillermo del Toro, Roger Corman, and Eli Roth. Film editor and critic Glenn Erickson writes, "The host commentaries provide the real added value, cramming a wealth of information, humor and insights into the two- to four- minute trailer running times."[5]

Some of the trailers he cut early in his career for low-budget filmmaker Roger Corman's New World Pictures have been called the "best trailers for less-than stellar movies you've ever seen".[6] Dante was also able to augment his collection with many additional previews for classic and "not so classic" horror films during his time at Corman's studio.[2]

The previously mentioned Erickson has referred to Trailers from Hell as "one of the brightest web destinations for fantastic film fans...."[5] while the horror and suspense genre journal Cinefantastique called it "fabulous".[2] American Movie Classics has lauded Dante for being "appreciative of and well-versed in the history of the exploitation cinema" through his work on Trailers from Hell.[6]

Home video

There have been two compilations of Trailers from Hell that have been released on DVD so far. Volume 1 was released in 2010 and Volume 2 was released by Shout! Factory on July 5, 2011.[7]

List of commentators


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