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A port bow view of the Singapore training ship RSS PANGLIMA (P-68)

A training ship is a ship used to train students as sailors. The term is mostly used to describe ships employed by navies to train future officers. Essentially there are two types: those used for training at sea and old hulks used to house classrooms. As with receiving ships or accommodation ships, which were often hulked warships in the 19th Century, when used to bear on their books the shore personnel of a naval station (as under section 87 of the Naval Discipline Act 1866 (29 & 30 Vict. c. 109),[1] the provisions of the act only applied to officers and men of the Royal Navy borne on the books of a warship), that were generally replaced by shore facilities commissioned as stone frigates, most "Training Ships" of the British Sea Cadet Corps, by example, are shore facilities (although the corps has floating Training Ships also, including TS Royalist).

The hands-on aspect provided by sail training has also been used as a platform for everything from semesters at sea for undergraduate oceanography and biology students to character-building for youths.[citation needed]

Notable training ships

Royal Navy

Painting of the first Mersey boat race between cadets of HMS Conway (on the right) and London's HMS Worcester on 11 June 1891. Also moored in line are reformatory ships Clarence (centre, furthest away) and Akbar, and TS Indefatigable.[2]

Other navies

BAP Unión at Callao, in 2017
The second Gorch Fock in front of the Naval Academy Mürwik (Red Castle) in 2015
Amerigo Vespucci in Venice, 2006
JS Kashima in Portsmouth, in 2008

Merchant fleet

John W. Brown

United States Maritime Administration–owned training ships

Other sail training vessels

Californian in San Diego, California
Tenacious in 2010, largest wooden ship built in the UK for over 100 years.

In fiction

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