Shooting with a laser pistol
Highest governing bodyUnion Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne
First played2013[1]
EquipmentLaser pistol
VenueUsually outdoor on grass or dirt and swimming pools or open-water
Country or regionWorldwide

Triathle is a sub-sport of modern pentathlon consisting of running, swimming and shooting.


Triathle is an event that involves cross country running, freestyle swimming, and laser pistol shooting in multiple sequences. The legs are raced with continuous transitions. Triathle competitions are held under rules of the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM).[2] The sequence of a triathle competition is:[2]

A triathle contains 35 of the disciplines of a modern pentathlon: épée fencing and equestrian show jumping are omitted. Compared to another sport under the governance of the UIPM: triathle is a laser-run with additional swimming.

Triathle is a multisport in its own right with the focus on middle-distances. It bears strong resemblance to triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) which is an endurance sport.

Triathle World Championships

The Triathle World Championships have been held since 2013.[1] They are usually combined with biathle events.[1]

Year Host City Country
2013 Limassol[3]  Cyprus
2014 Puerto San José[4]  Guatemala
2015 Batumi[5]  Georgia
2016 Sarasota[6]  United States
2017 Viveiro[7]  Spain
2018 Hurghada[8]  Egypt
2019 St. Petersburg, Florida[9]  United States
2021 Weiden[10]  Germany
2022 Machico[11]  Portugal
2023 Bali[12]  Indonesia
2024 tba[13]  Egypt

Senior medallists[edit]


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2015  Alexandre Henrard (FRA)  Ondrej Svechota (CZE)  Lukas Svechota (CZE)
2016  Alexandre Henrard (FRA)  David Ruales (ECU)  Pieter Oosthuizen (RSA)
2017  Pieter Oosthuizen (RSA)  Alexandre Henrard (FRA)  David Svoboda (CZE)
2018  Oleksandr Tovkai (UKR)  Ondrej Svechota (CZE)  Dmytro Baliuk (UKR)
2019  Barrett Celecki (USA)  Arman Kydyrtayev (KAZ)  Tiago Sousa (POR)
2021  Dimitrios Drazinos (GRE)  Ayan Beisenbayev (KAZ)  Meirlan Iskakov (KAZ)
2022  Ayan Beisenbayev (KAZ)  Alexandre Dallenbach (SUI)  Paolo Singh (FRA)
2023  Titas Puronas (LTU)  Meirlan Iskakov (KAZ)  Paulius Vangnorius (LTU)

Men's team[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2016  United States (USA)  Ecuador (ECU) Not awarded
2017  Spain (ESP)  France (FRA) Not awarded
2018  Ukraine-1 (UKR)  Egypt (EGY)  Ukraine-2 (UKR)
2019  Thailand (THA)  Germany (GER)  United States (USA)
2021  Germany (GER) Not awarded Not awarded
2022  France (FRA)  Lithuania (LTU)  Kazakhstan (KAZ)
2023  Lithuania (LTU)  Kazakhstan (KAZ)  Indonesia (INA)


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2015  Gintare Venckauskaite (LTU)  Eliska Pribylova (CZE)  Nina Waldner (AUT)
2016  Samantha Schultz (USA)  Jessica Davis (USA)  Rachel Jones (GBR)
2017  Julie Belhamri (FRA)  Eliska Pribylova (CZE)  Nina Waldner (AUT)
2018  Aurelija Tamasauskaite (LTU)  Eliska Pribylova (CZE)  Lina Batuleviciute (LTU)
2019  Samantha Schultz (USA)  Heidi Hendrick (USA)  Shermaine Kaixing Tung (SIN)
2021  Athina Sarra (GRE)  Alessia Mancini (ITA)  María Carnero Heres (ESP)
2022  Ieva Serapinaite (LTU)  Aurelija Tamasauskaite (LTU)  Mariana Arceo (MEX)
2023  Gintare Venckauskaite (LTU)  Ieva Serapinaite (LTU)  Neda Dorosevaite (LTU)

Women's team[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2019  United States (USA) Not awarded Not awarded
2021  Germany (GER) Not awarded Not awarded
2022  Lithuania (LTU)  Portugal (POR)  South Africa (RSA)
2023  Lithuania (LTU) Not awarded Not awarded

Mixed relay[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2015  Eliska Prybilova (CZE)
 Ondrej Svechota (CZE)
 Nicole Campaner (ITA)
 Valerio Quinzi (ITA)
 Nina Waldner (AUT)
 Manfred Walner (AUT)
2016  Samantha Schultz (USA)
 Dennis Browsher (USA)
 Nicole Campaner (ITA)
 Valerio Quinzi (ITA)
 Kelly Fitzsimmons (CAN)
 Jonathan Denoon (CAN)
2017  Julie Belhamri (FRA)
 Alexandre Henrard (FRA)
 Alida van der Merwe (RSA)
 Pieter Oosthuizen (RSA)
 Eliska Prybilova (CZE)
 David Kindl (CZE)
2018  Eliska Prybilova (CZE)
 Ondrej Svechota (CZE)
 Valeriya Permykina (UKR)
 Vladyslav Rydvanskyi (UKR)
 Lena Gottwald (GER)
 Pierre Jander (GER)
2019  Samantha Schultz (USA)
 Amro Elgeziry (USA)
 Nadezhda Bekmaganbetova (KAZ)
 Arman Kydyrtayev (KAZ)
 Vera Oettinger (GER)
 Robin Schmidt (GER)
2021  Annika Scheider (GER)
 Uli Raeth (GER)
 María Carnero Heres (ESP)
 Manuel Soriano (ESP)
 Ida Arya (GER)
 Hermann Arya (GER)
2022  Ieva Serapinaite (LTU)
 Titas Puronas (LTU)
 Lea Fernandez (FRA)
 Paolo Singh (FRA)
 Suzie Cave (GBR)
 Sam Cobb (GBR)
2023  Ieva Serapinaite (LTU)
 Paulius Vagnorius (LTU)
 Julia Dale (MON)
 Geoffrey Delusier (MON)
 Juliana Shane Sevilla (PHI)
 Samuel German (PHI)


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