A useful thing to consider:

Most people don’t know English.

Another useful thing to consider:

“Ask him to point to where he thinks the monkey is going to go.”

They don’t point,” Everett said. Nor, he added, do they have words for right and left. Instead, they give directions in absolute terms, telling others to head “upriver” or “downriver,” or “to the forest” or “away from the forest.” Everett told the man to say whether the monkey was going upriver or downriver. The man said something in reply.

“What did he say?” Fitch asked.

“He said, ‘Monkeys go to the jungle.’ ”

The most important technical change that is needed in the software that runs Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects:

It must become possible to share the templates’ code across wikis

Babel user information
ru-N Русскийродной язык этого участника.
he-5 משתמש זה יודע עברית ברמה מקצועית.
en-4 This user has near native speaker knowledge of English.
ca-3 Aquest usuari té un coneixement avançat de català.
Users by language

One more useful thing to consider:


— Thanks to ColdSnow for pointing my attention to it.

Also this:

I am paid by the Wikimedia Foundation to improve MediaWiki’s support for different languages. In that capacity, my username is Aaharoni-WMF. As a volunteer, I am also a member of Wikimedia Israel and of the Language committee. Unless otherwise stated, my actions from this username are actions of a private volunteer Wikipedia editor that have nothing to do with the above organizations.

And maybe this:

I added these things to Wikipedia articles, but people removed them without a good reason. I have good reasons to think they are correct and interesting, but I have better things to do than to argue about it. Very few people will read them here, but it's better to have them written somewhere rather than nowhere.

In the article Vitalogy:

In the video for the song Pay for Me by the Swedish rock band Whale a vinyl record labeled "Vitalogy" is seen.

In the article The Division Bell:

On some pages in the CD booklet the page number was written in different languages:

In the article International Phonetic Alphabet:

Some language study programs use the IPA to teach pronunciation. For example, in Russia (and earlier in the Soviet Union), textbooks for children[IPA-Russia 1] and adults[IPA-Russia 2] for studying English and French consistently use the IPA.

  1. ^ For example, the English school textbooks by I. N. Vereshagina, K. A. Bondarenko and T. A. Pritykina.
  2. ^ For example, "Le Français à la portée de tous" by K. K. Parchevsky and E. B. Roisenblit (1995) and "English Through Eye and Ear" by L.V. Bankevich (1975).

In the article I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One:

In the infobox, alt text for the album cover image: The top third of the square has a red background, the name of the album in print letters in small yellow and pink letters and the name of the band in larger letters. The bottom two thirds of the square shows the streets at the entrance to the Holland tunnel and the Our Lady of Vilnius church in New York in yellow tones.

In the "Release" section: The front cover depicts the entrance to Holland Tunnel, with the Our Lady of Vilnius Church, which was demolished in 2015, next to it.

And this:

In sociology, Habitus comprises socially ingrained habits, skills and dispositions. It is the way that individuals perceive the social world around them and react to it. These dispositions are usually shared by people with similar backgrounds (such as social class, religion, nationality, ethnicity, education and profession). The habitus is acquired through imitation (mimesis) and is the reality in which individuals are socialized, which includes their individual experience and opportunities. Thus, the habitus represents the way group culture and personal history shape the body and the mind; as a result, it shapes present social actions of an individual. For example, this is the way in which the most important skills that are supposed to be necessary for writing in Wikipedia are reading and comprehending relevant reliable sources about a topic and writing about it clearly based on these sources, but the most important skills that are actually necessary for writing in Wikipedia are correctly using template parameters and citing the numbers of speedy deletion criteria.

Final useful thing to consider:

ਸਹੀ ਰਸਤਾ ਵਖਰੇ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਲਈ ਵਖਰਾ ਹੈ।
ਆਪਾਂ ਏਕਤਾ ਵਿਚ ਰਹਿਏ,
ਜੈ ਜੈ।

— Tjinder Singh, 6am Jullandar Shere, Woman's Gotta Have It