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Despite rumors,[1] this is not me

Things I've learned at Wikipedia

Wit and wisdom seen about town, good enough to share

Wit? Wisdom? No, just puns.

Special collection: puns for nerds, aka: new units of measure. (Borrowed from

And a couple of new ones:

About me

I am a native Californian (5th generation no less). I grew up in Oakland, California, and now live in San Diego. I attended Oakland Technical High School and Stanford University. I have also lived in Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Honolulu.

On Wikipedia I mainly work on articles related to San Diego, particularly things having to do with San Diego history and San Diego neighborhoods. I also function as a Wikignome, cleaning up or proofreading articles that I come across. And I occasionally "rescue" an article which had been nominated for deletion, by adding sources to prove notability, or by rewriting to meet Wikipedia standards. Others who want to do this kind of thing could look for "unreferenced biographies of living persons" at Category:Unreferenced BLPs.

I've been hanging around Wikipedia off and on since 2006. I began editing in earnest in June 2009, when I saw articles about the San Diego Yacht Club and Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego that contained blatant errors of fact. I corrected those errors, and was hooked. Fourteen short years later, I have become one of the 1,000 most active Wikipedians. Actually #896 last time I looked, but who's counting? 0;-D (That's my personal smilie: an angelic grin.)

In January 2015 the Wikipedia community decided it was high time I got down to work and handed me a mop. I hope they never regret it.

Articles created

Articles I've created or substantially expanded include:

Articles rescued

A partial list of articles I "rescued", by improving them after they had been nominated for deletion in an AfD (articles for deletion) discussion:

Articles used for "Did you know...?"

Articles I wrote or expanded that were featured on the Wikipedia front page with "Did you know...?" items:


Some of my favorite Wikipedia pages include:

Useful links

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