The VAHAN assault rifle
TypeAssault rifle
Place of originArmenian Soviet Socialist Republic
Production history
DesignerVahan S. Manasian
Designed1952–54, 1992
Length920mm (725mm folded)

ActionLever-delayed blowback
Rate of fire800 RPM
Effective firing range500m–1000m
Feed system30/45-round detachable box magazine
SightsIron sights

The VAHAN (Russian: Ваган; Armenian: ՎԱՀԱՆ) is an assault rifle of Soviet/Armenian origin and was designed by Engineer and Firearms Designer Vahan S. Manasian. It can be fitted with a GP-30 grenade launcher, bayonet and scope. The weapon dates back to 1952 as the MBC-2 prototype when Manasian was a soldier in the Soviet Army. As of 2009, the VAHAN rifle has not yet been tested by Armenian government and the program has been canceled.

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